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Mobile apps for the businesses are in real push

Mobile apps have yet again proved to be a great revolution for the corporate world around the globe. Are you also a business owner and thinking to launch a Mobile app for your own business? If not now, then when will you think of it? Let me tell you one thing very clearly that it is the perfect time to ride this wave of opportunity for your business in every possible manner. This is not true for the huge businesses only but for the small businesses as well.

No one can deny the fact that having web presence alone is no more sufficient and this is because online activities have been shifted to the mobile. Putting in very simple words, it is eminent that smartphone apps have become a significant marketing tool for the small business to work without them. Hence, we see several small and medium sized businesses following the mobile trends keeping in mind that effective mobile strategy constitutes more than a mobile friendly website.

In fact you must have observed that many small businesses nowadays that we interact with on daily basis possess their dedicated mobile apps for their businesses; it does not matter if it is a beauty spa or a small corner coffee shop. These names are ahead of the game while taking their marketing tactics to the next level.

So what is an app actually? An app is an application that has been first downloaded and then installs it on your mobile device rather than making use of the browse. Consumers access the device specific portals, like Android Google Playstore, Apple’s app store and so on in order to find and then download the apps for a particular operating system. In short an app facilitates an interactive engagement with the users and works like a computer program and not as a website.

You need to keep yourself updated in this regards that mobile consumers stats show that people keep their mobile phones or devices within 3 feet of them around 23 hours a day. Just imagine that you have the opportunity to stay before your clients 23 hours a day / 365 days of the year. This is what is called an OPPORTUNITY. To date, no other marketing medium is known to possess and enjoy power to this level to get the response of the target market in no time.

What you think is the average response daily via email marketing. You will hardly see 4 to 9% within first 24 to 48 hours even that in case you have a super active and responsive list of consumers. On the other hand, text messages enjoy almost 97% of the times responses within just 4 minutes. Now this is really impressive. Just think of your own mobile behavior or just look around you, and you will me mesmerized by the facts.

Consumers’ expectations these days are that each and every Brand has an app which they can download whenever they want and access on their mobile phones and devices. If you keep on asking “why should I have a mobile app”? then underlined are few of the reasons for doing that:

  • It facilitates in building customer loyalty. Who does not like to be involved in something really special to make the customers happy via coupons, discounts, and promotions only by downloading the app
  • Mobile apps create the viral buzz. Within no time people tell their friends about the business by making use of the built in sharing capabilities of the Twiter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, SMS or even you blog
  • List and groups of customers enables to disseminate the information to hundreds of people in a single push of message
  • With mobile apps, customers leave instant feedback on the fan walls, send comments in several ways, and share the photos etc

Go get your business a mobile app and enjoy introduction of your business to the next level in no time.

Kate Sanders

Kate Sanders

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