Miniscule and Alluring: A Guide to Creating a Minimalist Bedroom

Keeping things in order and not congested will provide you a room setting that is free from disturbance. However, organizing a minimalist bedroom setting will require careful planning.

The last thing you want to observe at the end of a long day is clutter and bedroom mess. It precisely does not have to look dull, just calm and peaceful. Here is an excellent guide to creating a minimalist bedroom.

Picking a Low Profile Bed Frame

Choosing a minimalist bedstead is vital as it will set the pitch of your design. Several bed frames can be huge that it would consume plenty of space for your bedroom setting, and for that reason, your objective will be on the platform and crucial low bedstead.

  • The Metal Bed Frame. The metal bedstead is an excellent alternative if you are on a constant move and a tight budget. These specific bed frames are on the budget-friendly side costing just around 100 dollars and sometimes lesser. If you want a unique setting for your bedroom, metal bed frames are useful since it provides durability.
  • The Platform Beds. Platform bedsteads usually come with a set of matching supporting house furniture. These beds are an exceptional focal point of your style. On the other hand, platform beds are relatively costly, so it is best to choose the right one for you. These bedsteads cost around 2,000 dollars.

Selecting a Mattress

Concerning quality thickness, a standard minimalist bedroom lifestyle is a mattress around 10-inch thick. A typical cushion above the standard support will not likely keep an accurate balance. Having a 10-inch thickness mattress will be able to provide you with excellent comfort and support while maintaining a brilliant minimalist room setting.

  • The Brooklyn Mattress. The Brooklyn mattress derives its softness and comfort from a polyester blended fabric and quilted cotton.  The bedding also provides explicit support from its three layers, and the latex in the mattress reduces unwanted hot spots and boosts all in all cooling which is terrific for it also has a 10-inch thickness.
  • The Leesa Mattress. The Leesa mattress has a neutral toughness, significant cooling, and has excellent support which makes it an exceptionally versatile bedding. The Leesa mattresses consist of 10-inch thickness which will provide you sufficient comfort while not overwhelming your room with unneeded weight.
  • Saatva Bedding. The Saatva Mattress can provide you with excellent support, and it comes with a various style. It has a thickness of around 11 inches or 14.5 inches relying on your choice for bed sizes to help you in sleeping comfortably.

Selecting the Appropriate Furniture for your Bedroom

It is not necessary to acquire all of the pieces of furniture that match your bedding. Placing inappropriate bedroom furniture can turn your bedroom bulky and inconvenient, so it’s best to pick items that can provide your room with life without overwhelming it.

  • Dressers or Wardrobes. Relying on your needs for function and size of the room, you may need to go with a classic six-drawer dresser. The furniture that can functionally work with a single fragment is more beneficial as it does not congest the room.
  • Nightstand. You may require nightstand in your room for the needs like small storage, a space for your mobile phone, or lamp. The right nightstand can give you the storage you need without consuming a massive space in your room.

Extra tip in Choosing Minimalist Bedding

In most cases, many minimalists miss the bed as a factor for a minimalist bedroom. Some bedding perfectly matches your decoration and furniture because of its impressive colors.  Also, you do not have to place plenty of pillows on your bed as it could be an unnecessary distraction for your bedroom.


In conclusion, if you want to create a bedroom with a minimalist design, always consider that less is more as it will your guide as you continuously design your room. However, in spite of everything, keep in mind that sleeping in comfort is still the primary factor in creating a bedroom.


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