Why Medical Steel Linen Skips Are Indispensably Important?

The use of skips in the medical industry has not become popular just like that. Skips did not become part of the medical care discipline only because they had to use a different design for a trolley. These medical trolleys made of steel have many utilities which a normally designed trolley for office or household won’t serve. And here is why you cannot compromise the hygiene, work effectiveness, mobility, safety, and ease of use by replacing stainless steel linen skips by other items.

Stainless Steel Is a Hygienic Alloy

Do you know why particularly stainless steel is used in medicine for most equipment and skips? That’s because stainless steel used for these is made with iron and chromium, and the steel is of such high quality that it resists abrasions, breaking, wear and tear, and most importantly corrosions. Rust is a big reason for unhygienic conditions and infections, which can be totally eliminated in medical care with the use of stainless steel on the skips. Cleaning the surface of steel skips is easy and even sterilizing is also effortless.

Stainless Steel Linen Skips

Great Polish and Cleanliness

A surface which gets shiny with little rubbing and cleaning can easily tell if there is dirt, grease or dust on it. The polish and grayish white shine retained by steel is of such high clarity that any dirt accumulated on it will not go unnoticed. Hence an overall atmosphere of cleanliness and hygiene stays maintained at medical wards with the use of white and shining polished steel skips.

Ease of Use

Ever seen the design of the stainless steel linen skips? They are open from all sides, and you may reach a rack or shelf from any side. This ensures ease of access to tools and items, medicines and emergency supplies even when you are in extreme hurry, and are trying to rush into a process.

To facilitate this, even more, no sharp ends, hooks, or pointed corners are kept in the medical trolleys. These have smooth rounded edges or corner with caps or no sharp edges. Even if you work in a hurry, or are in a tense state of mind, you won’t risk hurting your hands or bruising fingers from the steel rods and safe tubular stems.

Hard and Sturdy

Steel used in medical stainless steel linen skips are high quality and hard. The stems and tubes used in the skips would not break or chip off easily and would continue to serve for years. Since establishing a medical center or hospital is an expensive affair, and you buy infrastructure to expand the facilities rather than to replace old ones, it’s important that things made for medical use are made sturdy and durable. The steel skips are made such that they can withstand heavy heat and cold, usage, movement, and weight as per the guiding standards.

Medical Steel Linen Skips

Castor Wheels with Brakes

The steel trolleys for medical use come with four castor wheels for easy mobility. That is why when you have an elevator equipped medical ward, you need not worry about moving even the heaviest and stuffed skips from one floor to another or one room to another. The wheels share the load with you and make movement swift and smooth. For better safety and agility two of the wheels also contain breaks so that you may stop or park the skip as required.

It’s for all these reasons that modern day manufactured stainless steel linen skips are ideally suited for medical work and care, and you cannot imagine a medical ward without a few. Whether you store medicine, bed linen, medical clothes and uniforms, tools and machinery, sterilized items etc. skips are the best answer to arranging a medical ward and keeping things sorted.


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