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Meaning Of Selfie Stick Is Changed, Gimbals To 360 Degree Cameras

Are you a user of the selfie stick? Forget it now as we have now more advanced mobile photography and photographic accessories moving on from maligned extension. This attractive and exciting evolution offers more ways to capture everything around you in an easy manner.

In this piece of writing, we will be introducing to you the advanced 360 degree cameras to the gimbals shaking out of your usual footage, making your everyday images to look good to you in an unusual manner.

Samsung New Gear 360:

This second version of the 360 degree camera is indeed better than the first one. Though it does not get a revamped name but it does has a new body standing up by itself and offering an easy way to grip it, and many other options to capture the photos, streaming as well as video making. With its wide angle cameras, users can now capture 4K video. Once connected with a smartphone, one can live stream 2K video to YouTube or Facebook. These cameras entertain the users with resolution of 8.4 megapixels for still photos combining a 360 degree view along with the apps giving new ways to share and crop the images. It is really easy to use with more compatibility for Apple as well as Android devices. It is due on April 28.

GoPro Karma Grip: Those who are serious about coming up with epic films but with an easily portable camera, must appreciate the introduction of new creation of GoPro. It is like a Steadicam on the stick, the Karma grip has a handle, a battery powered arm, and few other controls holing this GoPro Hero 5 Black camera that rolls, tilts, and bumps. It is worth stating here that the Grip is not water resistant and hence you will have to be really careful while recording. Moreover, you will also need to buy a $50 accessory to attach a Hero4 cam. The results of this fellow are actually compelling in every possible manner.

IK Multimedia iKlip Grip Pro: This enjoys the status of best selfie stick tri pod combination. It is something that can be carried on daily basis. Even if it is in a case it can be quickly mounted to secure the smartphone. The handle acts as a secured grip when it is used as a selfie stick, a hand grip is there when the users shoot a video, and the handle also converts it in to a tripod. It is also offered with a detachable BlueTooth remote control so that one may even activate the camera at a distance in order to take the family shots.

DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal: This three axis gimbal will make your video shoots certainly steadier though it is just a small reason to love this device. It has an Active Track mode so an object or even a person will always stay centered in the frame. It works well with the Android as well as Apple iOS apps with all sizes of phones. The only complaint is that it did not recognize the dual lens of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Cygnett GoStick Bluetooth Selfie Stick Tripod: This set up from a selfie stick amuses its users with versatile mount to secure the camera. It has a detectable tripod and a detachable remote control at the base of the lens that allows you to use it like a monopod. The design wins out for versatility and can be used without the tripod. Some people prefer this device over the iKlip Grip Pro.

Just grab the one that meets your needs and requirements.

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