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Make the Floors of Your House Sparkle by Opting for Floor Polishing

Messy or dirty floors can be a major problem. This issue can compromise the beauty of your home. This is especially significant if there are stains that are difficult to remove. In situations like this, floor polishing is the best option. Truth is, even if you clean your floors regularly, wear and tear and effects of time make floors lose their sheen. Thus, if you want your house floors to sparkle and look squeaky clean, you need to get them polished at regular intervals. Polishing can ensure that your floors look as good as new.

Types of Polishing:

Based on the type of floor, polishing can be of two types:

  • Timber Polishing: This type of polishing involves floors made of timber. These floors can be polished by using oil, wax or polyurethane. These agents can penetrate the floor surface and clean settled dust particles, stains, etc., in turn, making the floor return to its former sheen.
  • Stone Polishing: This type of floor polishing focuses on floors made of stone, tiles, etc. Polishing powders, chemicals, etc. are used for this purpose. Also, the stone or tile surface can be grinded with diamond abrasives. This process involves using industry grade diamonds to remove scratches on the floor.

A professional polishing company can provide both the above mentioned options. There are different highly reputed companies that specialize in polishing all kinds of floors.

Polishing Materials and Methods Used:

For wood polishing, the following materials can be used:

  • Natural Oil: This goes deep into the floor and provides a dark color. It improves the natural features of the wood.
  • Urethanes Modified by Oil: This options increases resistance of the floor to wear and tear. It also increases durability.
  • Water Based Polyurethane: In this floor polishing material, the odor is less and there are no detrimental effects on the environment. Yellowing of the floor can be minimized by this agent.
  • Solvent Based Polyurethane: This makes the floor resistant to scratches and moisture. It also maximizes gloss and shine.

For Stone Floors, the following options are there:

  • Chemicals: There are different powders based on aluminum or tin oxide that are highly effective for polishing stone or tile floors.
  • Diamond Abrasives: This option can remove scratches efficiently and add a strong shine.
  • Coatings: This option involves putting a layer of wax or acrylic on the floor in order to give it protection as well as increasing its shine.
  • Crystallization: This process involves a chemical called fluorosilicate being sprayed and reacted with steel wool in order to develop glassy crystals. These crystals add shine to the floor.

Benefits of Using Professional Floor Polishing Services:

  • Expertise: While polishing floors can be done by yourself but you must realize that it is a hard and tedious job. Hiring a professional will ensure that you get the best quality of service without having to spend your energy and time.
  • Economical: There are different polishing companies that offer highly reasonable rates. Also, these offer different discounts from time to time as well.
  • Long Term Benefit: Professional floor polishing is not only highly effective but durable too. You will be able to see the effects of a polishing session for a long period of time.
  • State of the art Technology: Polishing companies use the latest equipment and methods for polishing purposes. Thus, you will get high quality of service for sure.

It can be suggested that if you need to get your floors polished, you should look for a professional company. This can not only be highly convenient for you, but also help you save a lot of money in the long run.


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