Some Magical Anniversary Celebration Tips

When you are with the most loved person in your life, time really flies! After parents, it is the husband or wife who form that inseparable part of your life and you just cannot imagine one single day of your life without this amazing person. Even when you fight for the slightest issue but a lot of thrill would have been missed without this person. So, how do you celebrate your anniversary? May be sometimes, you forget this important date or may be most of the times you just dine out! Here are some magical anniversary celebration tips which you must apply in your next big day.

The Wedding Night Menu: Nobody ever forgets the wedding day menu! You also remember it by heart from starter to dessert. So, on your upcoming anniversary day, prepare all those items and surprise your spouse in a loving way. After you are done with the meal, bring in the Happy Anniversary cake as the dessert. It would be even better if both of you actually indulge into cooking of your wedding day menu on your anniversary. It would be like seriously reliving that day with a new spirit.

Candid Photography: For your 10th year of togetherness, why not do something like candid photography shoot which is very common these days. This was not such a popular thing 10 years down the line. Hire a professional photographer and visit those places which have been an important part of your journey and just be normal, because the professional photographer knows to capture nice moments. The resultant photo album book would be a treasure for the coming years in your life.

Watch Your Wedding Video: This is one of the most relaxing way to spend your anniversary. Just order an anniversary cake, food for lunch from Foodora, and place them right in front of your couch and enjoy every moment of your big day with a glass of champagne.

Experience Something New: Finding out time for each other in this very busy world may not be easy but to keep the interest or thrill in your marriage, you have to take quality sessions out with your better half. Just wishing with a lovely Anniversary Designer Cake is not enough. Do something new together to celebrate this moment. Go for bungee-jumping, deep sea diving, or a hot balloon ride. The excitement of these activities would bring a new layer of love in your marriage for sure.

Just Like the First Date: It would be really lovely to spend your 20th or 25th year of marriage in that place which was the joint for your first date. It can be a college canteen, restaurant, coffee shop, riverside, park, terrace, or a hill station. Undoubtedly, these places also had their journey and have changed a lot just the way you have changed! But it would be a thrilling experience to visit these places and replaying that “first date” moment again and again in your head and heart.

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