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Link Between Cell Phone And Tumor Has Been Found

An Italian telecom employee has been encouraged and well rewarded with monthly social security payments after the court found that the brain tumor he is suffering from is because of the improper usage of a company issued cell phone.

Stefano Bertone, the lawyer, said on Thursday that it was the first court verdict; which he was really aware of in the world to recognize the linkage between the cell phone usage and development of the brain tumor. He asserted that one of the factors appearing to be the major contributor to the court’s verdict was the refusal by the experts of the court to accept evidence in the studies that were funded by the telecom industry.

The legal reasoning behind the ruling, which was issued by the court last month but was made public on Thursday is expected to be released in the coming weeks. It has been done in the city of Ivrea.

Roberto Romeo, the employee, used the cellphone of the company for 3 hours a day for around 15 years. He did not take any precautions which resulted in to the non-cancerous tumors subsequently losing the hearing in one ear. Romeo himself exclaimed that, the norms say that intense use can be maximum one hour a day and I went well beyond the limits.

Romeo actually sued the social security agency but not the Telecom Italia, where he is still working as an employee. He said that he is not at all against the usage of cell phone but yes it is the responsibility of the companies to create awareness among the consumers about the cell phone usage and that what safety measures they should adopt in this regards.

His lawyer added that consumers can include making use of the cell phone with specialized anti-radiation ear buds. Under this ruling, Romeo will be receiving the amount to be between 6,000 to 7,000 euros a year. It makes almost 6,000 to 7,500 dollars a year.

The consumer protection agency i.e. Codacons says that it is considering to take an action based on the decision of Romeo to make cell phones carry the health warnings in all parts of the Italy. Also Italy’s social security agency also needs to recognize health risks associated with the mobile phones usage among common people.

Bertone also said that 2012 decisions by the Italian highest court awarding social security payment to the sales manager who used to be on cell phone for almost 5 to 6 hours a day. It pushed him to pave the way for the ruling in the case of his clients. In earlier case, the court denied the claim but highest court in the Italy accepted the link between the brain tumor and the excessive cell phone usage.

There have been debate where there are risks and dangers associated with the excessive usage of cell phones particularly among the kids. It has been reported to cause several issues like fits in young age kids. Medical reports have been submitted where links have been proven between several health hazards caused directly or indirectly due to cell phones. With this case and its verdict, things will have to be changed.

Steps like creating awareness about the health hazards related to the excessive cell phone usage must be well educated among the users. They should be well aware of how to make use of the cell phone, what are the risks associated with and so on. It should not be restricted to the Italy only but it should be done in all parts of the world.

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