Lights, Camera, Action, Smile: Why A Good Party Lighting Hire Is Crucial

Does the lighting of your event affect the mood of the guests? Oh, yes, it does! Have you ever noticed how people boo at events when the wrong set of light goes on while the DJ is playing the songs? Lighting setups have always been the mood makers in events like DJ parties and birthday parties. People aim to acquire the best soft light hire or party lighting hire for their events.

Let’s ponder on the various lighting moods that are created by the most popular lightings around the world.

Party Lighting

  • Horror Lighting: Have you ever been to set up in a fair or the amusement park that guarantees to scare you? If you have, then you might be aware of the lightings and the sound amalgamation that you are subjected to in the setup. All the games they play with the flashlights on the face and under the face makes the people around you scary and creepy.
  • Places to Implement this: Besides asking your party lighting hire to implement the setup in your parties while the DJ runs, you can also use the horror lighting theme during games in a close room or for photography sessions in an event.
  • Party Lighting: The party lighting that you need in a party has to lift the mood and the spirits. Will you dance on a great trance with lights on or would you love dancing to its tunes with party lightings on? The party lightings have been taken to a level higher than the lowkey lightings we see around in parties.
  • Your party lighting hire will curate and come forward with a lighting plan for your event. Whether it’s a birthday party or a music event, you can acquire lighting that woos the guests. Plus, these party lightings can also be a great place to click pictures with your loved ones for the Instagram page.
  • Places to Implement this: AS the name suggests, the lightings can be used in any party, be it the farewell party at your college, or the bachelorette of your loving friend. All you need is to have a good party lighting hire who can guide you and provide you with the best party lighting setup.
  • 1920s Beauty Lighting: Did you ever see and admire the 1920s and the 1930s setups in the movies? As pleasant as the background seems, the lights used in the structure also play an essential role to enhance its overall look. All the backlights that make the skin and hair glow in the radiant 1920s ambiance steal our hearts. For all the movie enthusiasts and people who desire to host a vintage party at some point further in their lives, these lightings are not that hard to attain.

All that you’ll need is the party lighting hire to set up an ambiance and bring in the necessary equipment that makes it possible.

  • Places to Implement this: You can get these lightings in a setup that requires vintage lightings or for parties that are planned to be in the vintage theme.
  • Angel Lighting: The heaven that you see in the movies is nothing, but lots of lights blasted on the background. If you are an admirer of this setup, then you can ask your party lighting hire to set this theme on a background that’s best to take pictures on (That’s where this will look good).


To conclude Lightings are the ultimate way to cheer or depress your guests. Mastering the art needs a lot of experience and experiments running together. That is what makes a good party lighting hire. So, the next time you are looking for the best party lighting hire in town, go through their portfolio once before finalizing the deal.


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