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Let The Light Shine: 5 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Home With Wall Sconces

The wall sconces have been around for a very long time. It was one of the decorations that embellished the walls of Medieval palaces. Either they are candlelit or electric, wall sconces are still enticing light sources.

It can produce intricate lighting patterns compared to the floor or table lamps. Wall sconces are already tested and are a compelling way to enhance the aesthetics of every interior and personal spaces. With an array of options to select from, these lighting fixtures suggest something for everybody.

And if you are considering to spruce up with wall sconces for the very first time or just merely finding for unique ways to suspend your sconces, keep reading!   

Decorate a Large Candle Wall Sconce like Artwork

Hanging a large sconce on your wall can look marvelous alone, but will be ultimately stunning when illuminated with candles. And romantic feels will be at its finest.

Now, candle wall sconces are intended and applied for ornamental and creative purposes instead of lighting. It provides other solution for wall decorations while including an artistic touch. Today, the trends for candle wall sconce is more grand and stylish.

Match Sconces Together or Adjacent

Combine sconces collectively on the same wall, with one sconce a bit higher than the other one for a wall decoration that is entirely grand. Or, change an empty and dull corner entirely by putting two sconces next to one another.

If you wish to hang the sconces at the same level, then it requires something like a vase to balance everything. Without anything in between, it will feel like there’s a missing piece. Sconces are produced to add beauty to the other components by framing them.

A Glowing Statement

Utilizing numerous sconce lights generates drama while accentuating the medium lighting of the area. There are different arrangements and ways in which you can use them to change the visual appearance.

Installing sconces in a room with a low ceiling helps to brighten up a section of it and makes space seem a lot more ventilated. These appealing modern wall lights also are understandable and a productive way to transform any room of your home into a hotel-like without spending a fortune.

Use Wall Sconces to Frame a Mirror or Artwork

Wall sconces assist on creating a stylish central point when situated on either side of a painting, mirror, or a piece of wall decoration. It does not take up that much floor space and can quickly adapt to a thin and out of the way location that creates an attractive atmosphere or task lighting.

Joining them with artwork on a wall is an adequate way to feature a work of art in your home by augmenting the light where it is required. Harmonize the style of the wall sconces with adjacent picture frames to produce a close-knit style.

The fundamental and conventional way to organize sconces with an illustration is to install a sconce at the average height on one or the other side of a  framed picture. This configuration is versatile and symmetrical and suits to any wall space you have. The key to making sure that the sconces are well-placed is to have precise measurements.

Sconces for Bedside Reading

Rather than utilizing lamps on your bedside table, accentuate your bed with some fantastic wall sconces to declutter and save space. It will open up spaces for flowers, books, and other fancy accessories.

Bedside sconces contribute direct task lighting for working or reading in bed. Setting up sconces on a dimmer mode is also an excellent way to manage the brightness and protect your eyes from too much brightness before going to bed.


Utilizing wall sconces to illuminate your wall is a refined and straightforward procedure to spice up your room. They are a fascinating way to frame something such as a picture and mirror. Take a shot at installing sconces with graceful features, and place it at the opening of your home to create an impact for those who pass by your front door.

It is essential to observe that wall sconces are not just mere light sources. Instead, it adds emphasis to a room and all furniture or work of art. Wall sconces develop an alluring medium light source that is romantic, relaxing, and provides a beautiful ambient light source.


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