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Keeping Your Garage Organised

Having a garage is great, it’s a place to store things out the way, keep your tools, have a gym and store your car, all depending on the size of course. The one thing that always inevitably happens with any garage is that it becomes over cluttered with rubbish and old junk you put aside some time ago hoping it would just disappear or meaning to use it again later.

Garages have a knack of becoming untidy, dirty and disorganised, you will put countless hours into tidying and clearing your garage out, only for it to end up in the same state next year. So why not follow these tips to keep your garage organised and tidy.

Storage Boxes:

If you use your garage for a lot of storage then get rid of any cardboard boxes or wooden crates and use seal-able, stackable plastic storage boxes. They are water proof and will withstand everything your garage can throw at them, protecting anything you want to store in them. The boxes are stackable making it really easy to make the most out of any space you want to store them in.

Hooks And Nails:

If you have a lot of large tools and appliances that you use in the garage such as brushes, saws and spades then using a row of hooks or nails to hang them on, this is a great way to store them. It keeps them from cluttering the floor or getting lost and puts them in clear view as you walk in or look around your garage.

Beams And Suspension Cables:

For those that have large beams running across the open space of the garage, this can be a great place to store things in. Ladders, tools and gardening equipment can all be laid across the beams, use cables or netting to stop smaller items falling off or to secure them more securely. This will utilise any open space in your garage roof and get some items out the way.

The Right Sized Tool Box:

tool box

If you seem to accumulate screw drivers and nails like nobody’s business, then maybe it’s time to get a bigger toolbox. If you have tools littered all over your garage, then invest in a bigger toolbox with room to grow in case you pick up any more tools. This will save you time tidying and searching for that one good screwdriver that always goes missing.

If you have a lot of nails and screws kicking about then why not find some boxes to put them in, something as simple as an ice cream tub to store them in or you can invest in a box with multiple compartments to separate all your different screws and nails.

However you choose to utilise and organise the space in your garage, just make sure it is safe and will last, try to keep floor space free where you can and always try to keep your garage door free of clutter especially if it is electric like a Garador, forcing an electric door to shut when the pathway is obstructed could cause damage to the mechanism.

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