IT Downtime: The Numbers [Infographic]

Technical problems in a business are often much more consequential than fleeting periods of inconvenience for staff. Even a solitary hour of IT downtime could cost a company thousands of dollars when you factor in lost productivity, the direct cost of fixing the IT issue, and the probability of reputational damage from their website being inaccessible. It’s no wonder that businesses are ploughing enormous resources into ensuring that their IT constantly runs smoothly.

Imagine a scenario where 30 minutes of your working week is lost to technical problems. Frustrating, is it not? What if that was the case every week? It could well be, because research from Compass America showed that employees spend, on average, half an hour per week on trying to resolve PC problems. That’s despite companies spending a monthly average of $700 per employee on its IT solutions.

The average business experiences just over 14 hours of IT downtime a year, costing them around $1.55 million. For a small or medium-sized enterprise, such losses could put them out of business. IT certainly appears to be a case of prevention being better than cure. It’s in a company’s best interests to invest in top-quality IT infrastructure and support from the outset so that it doesn’t end up costing them more in the long run, both in terms of direct repair costs and indirect reputational damage.

The team at ERS IT Solutions ( put together this interesting infographic which contains some astonishing statistics about the disastrous consequences of IT downtime for businesses. When you see just how costly even a short spell of IT outages can be, you’ll be left in no doubt just how vital it is to ensure that your company’s technological infrastructure is sound and reliable. Check out the extraordinary figures below.


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