Iphone 8 Might Miss One Key Feature That Is Already There In The Galaxy S8

It is rumored that Apples next flagship phone may not offer tapping in to higher speed that are offered by the wireless carriers. You may blame the company’s relationship with the Qualcomm and Intel.

Apple entered the industry and mesmerized people with its touch technology. Having people bind in the contract, it restricted people to get hold of its technology. Next few years were like where Apple reached the top of the market and to date it has its own market share. But the fact is that it’s since last years that people are not same happy with it and this time it appears to be escalated even worse. Because of the one critical manner, Samsung’s Galaxy 8 may end up in smoking the iPhone 8.

It is a fact that when it is about the fastest phone to tap in to the cellular network speed, Galaxy S8 tops the list. It is due to the fact that it has been well equipped with the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor, or in some markets it has been because of the Samsung’[s own Exynos 8895 chip. Both of these are known to work well with the advanced form of the 4G wireless teach that is called as Gigabit LTE.

This Gigabit LTE technology will serve to be the signature feature on high profiled, premium phones this year. However, it is suspected that Apple’s new phone that is still almost months away to be officially announced as its official product will not be considered to be among the list of such phones. Apple designs its own processors and makes use of the Intel and Qualcomm’s modems. It needs to be well kept in mind that latest commercial of the Intel clearly shows that they will not hit the Gigabit LTE speed. It may force the Apple to slow down the Qualcomm version in order to make sure that all the iPhones are on the equal and same footing.

Also if Apple goes out and opts to go out without the Gigabit LTE, the iPhone 8 will hit the market with a major disadvantage. Meanwhile the Galaxy S8 is one of the first of the premium phones to tap in to this technology.

An analyst from a research firm at GlobalData, named Avi Greengart says that, “This is not an area where Apple should want to cede competitive ground to Google and Samsung”.

Consumer would normally ignore features like Gigabit LTE, but carriers have started to create awareness about the technology as one of the catalysts for their networks that are known to be faster. John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile boasted in January that his company is going to be the first with the Gigabit LTE this year. He further said that we will be providing a public spotlight to what could have been termed as an obscure technical term.

Carriers want more and more phone on the Gigabit LTE as it makes for a better and efficient network capable of handling the more users and traffic.

So what is that next iPhone will actually miss out? Gigabit LTE promises a significant speed boosting to your phone, think of the average speed and the one 18 times greater than that by the T-Mobile and Verizon. With this kind of speeds, you may want to say good bye to the buffering as downloads just zip by in a flash.

However, Apple, Intel, and Qualcomm declined to comment and talk about it in any manner. We will have to wait and watch, what happens.

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