Inspiration for Your Outdoor Furniture

As much as we hate it, our furniture is always the main aspect of our décor which seems to quickly look old and worn-out. This is even more of an issue with outdoor furniture which spends most of its time being attacked by cold weather and the wind! The reason this can be quite problematic is that it is sometimes difficult to get inspiration for your outdoor furniture and know what is on-trend. To try and get some inspiration when it comes to picking your outdoor furniture, take a look at the tips below:

Take the Indoors Outdoors

A great trend which has soared in popularity over the last few years is people opting to buy furniture which double-up as both indoor and outdoor sets. The reason this trend is now possible is that a lot of conservatory furniture is now being designed with a base and cushions which are durable enough to be easily placed outside as part of an outdoor furniture set. The best part of this trend is that when we start to approach the colder seasons, we can easily take the furniture back inside.

Brighter Colours

When your furniture is starting to look a little lacklustre, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go out and buy a brand new set. Sometimes, all it will take is a bit of maintenance and colour to keep your furniture looking great! The important thing to remember is that you don’t include too much colour into your furniture as this can make it look tacky and actually have a detrimental effect on the furniture set and the garden. With this is mind, you would not want to include any zingy oranges or hot pinks – but instead, opt for pastel colours. Additionally, it is best to use the colours to compliment the furniture rather than take them over, which can be done by just using colourful cushions and throws over the furniture sets.

Integrate Accessories

A great way to make your furniture more ‘at home’ with the rest of your garden is to integrate it with other accessories and decorations around your garden. Usually, the main accessories found in a garden are plant pots which can have beautiful flowers planted inside them. A great thing to do is plant flowers which are the same colour as the cushions and throws you intend on using on your furniture. This is a great way to really embrace the main purpose of your garden and is sure to be a highlight of your home’s overall décor.

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