Indoor Reception Venue: 6 Steps to Find the Perfect Space

Selecting an indoor reception venue is one of the biggest decisions you are going to make while planning your wedding. It is where you and your guests are going to gather to celebrate your nuptials. Finding that perfect venue can take time, but it is time well spent when you see the happy faces of family and friends toasting your marriage.

6 Steps for Selecting the Right Indoor Reception Venue for Your Wedding

These steps will help you find a beautiful indoor reception space for your wedding.

STEP #1: Develop a vision for your wedding reception

When you walk into your reception venue, what do you expect to see? You may envision an elegant scene, resplendent with white table clothes on formal set tables. Or, you might want a casual atmosphere with a buffet and informal seating. You may have a theme in mind. All of this influences the vision you have of your wedding reception.

Before you start looking at wedding venues, have this vision already set in your mind. It will allow you to quickly eliminate venues that don’t meet this basic criteria.

STEP #2: Know Your Guest Count

How many people are you inviting to your wedding? That is a very basic consideration when it comes to picking a wedding reception space. If your reception space is too small, your guests will be packed in like sardines. If the space is too large, you will get echoing and other acoustical annoyances throughout the reception.

You don’t need to have a firm count of who is coming, but you do need a rough estimate on the count. There is a big difference for a venue appropriate for 200 and one good for 50.

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STEP #3: Have a Firm Budget

Venues generally cost money. And it can be a major part of your wedding budget. Before you start looking at venues, you should have a firm budget in mind. That will allow you to eliminate venues that could break the budget.

Walking into an elegant wedding reception venue without a firm budget in mind is an emotional mess waiting to happen. You walk in and it’s the perfect space. It has all the elements you dream of. Then, you find out it is triple what you expected to pay. You fall in love and can find nothing else that compares. It is a great way to break your budget or break your heart.

STEP #4: Consider Your Guests’ Experience

You are hosting your wedding guests. You need to ensure they have a comfortable, enjoyable experience. The choice of reception space will directly impact their experience.

Venues have a maximum allowable capacity. However, there can be a significant difference between comfortable capacity and maximum capacity. Give yourself enough room for your guests to move around comfortably. If you are having a dance floor, give people room to move.

Also, consider how your out-of-town guests will find the venue. They are not familiar with the area and may have to search for it. Finding a venue close to their hotels is ideal. At the very least it should be easy to find on main roads.

STEP #5: What Is Included with the Venue?

Some reception spaces are just that, a space. You would have to have everything brought in, including tables, chairs, linens, catering, decorations, and wait staff. Other venues offer at least a few of those items as part of their rental package.

When considering a reception space, always get a complete list of what they offer and if they are included in one-price packaging or a la carte pricing.

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STEP #6: Go with What Is Authentic To You

Seeing a gallery of pictures online does not give you the true feeling of space. Take time to walk through the space and envision your reception happening there. If it doesn’t seem like the right space for you, look at other venues. It is your wedding reception and it needs to feel right.

Taking these steps will help you find that perfect venue. It will reflect your vision for your wedding. It will be a comfortable place for your guests together and have fun. And it will not break your budget.

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