What Are Incontinence Pads and Their Characteristics?

They are small, multi-layered, impermeable sheets that have high absorbency. They are highly used in the health-care industry as a factor of precaution against incontinence related to urinary infections. When it is made up of cotton it can be used as a washable pad and paper is used in the pad it can be used as a disposable unit.

Incontinence pads are typically placed inside an undergarment or on the chair or the bed of the person. These pads are manufactured using heavy or light grades of absorbencies, which are often called their working capacity. These pads are usually available as panty-liners, pads, inserts, or sometimes even as replaceable underwear.

Characteristics of Incontinence pads 

Many people think that a sanitary napkin is enough to protect the individual from urinary leakage. This is because the pads conform to the condition of the body and absorb the fluid that is generated quickly.

Incontinence pads are meant to slow down the flow of menstruation. The top layer of the pad is permeable and can pull moisture into the absorbent layer and move the liquid away from the skin. Even though these pads help keep your skin dry but it cannot withstand the overall chemical composition of urine. Based on this, it is very important for the user to select the right kind of pad that can withstand a little bit of urine. Some of the factors that affect the selection of incontinence pads-

  • Available in Prints and Colors  These incontinence pads are available in floral colors, shapes, and sizes. This, in turn, provides a feminine look.
  • That Provide a Discreet Look – These pads are also called briefs that have a very slim side profile. These pads can be completely hidden so that the style quotient of the user is not affected.
  • That Contain an Absorbent Core – This type of incontinence pads provide overall protection and control to women when they need it the most. It contains side panels that are breathable for better health in the skin.
  • That Fit the Size of The Body – This is a type of incontinence pads that fits in snugly with the body of the user. Usually, these pads can be used by any one.

These pads are very well-known in the market because they can be pulled up and down. They play a key role in the protection of the overall health of the user, like cleaning the urinary system and improving the overall control of bladder-related problems.

Brands of Incontinence pads 

Choosing the right brand of incontinence products is a tough proposition because of the number of products that are available in the market. Some people might go for a well-known brand name or a generic brand that is floating in the market. Finally, the choice of the incontinence pads boils down to the effectiveness rather than the cost and look of the pads.

Online Ordering of Incontinence pads 

Incontinence Pads Online Shopping

Incontinence Pads Online Shopping

Most of the problems related to urinary infection are related to the people’s comfortability when it comes to purchasing the pads from regular brick-and-mortar stores. In addition to providing the convenience that comes with online ordering, online stores allow individuals to purchase incontinence pads without being embarrassed about the entire concept of menstrual flow. Also, online ordering has evolved a lot. There are a wide variety of payment options available, too.

Overall, the market of incontinence pads has evolved a lot. During early times, people laughed at the idea of incontinence pads. However, with the passage of time and the rise in health-related problems, the awareness of the incontinence pads has gone up drastically.


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