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Important Facts You Need To Know About Split System Installation And Repair

Are you sweating profusely just because your house does not have ductwork needed for air conditioning?

 It is the common complaint of the user of window AC that it is very noisy.

So, if you need an air conditioning unit in your home but do not want to bear inconvenience associated with window AC, you may install split AC.

Split AC installation is popular among the home owners due to ease of installation and the fact that it makes no noise. Split AC is a ductless air conditioner which is the kind of hybrid between window ac and central air conditioner. It is called split AC simply because it has two main units, namely, the compressor and air handler. The compressor is installed outside while the air handler is built inside the wall of the building.

As the compressor of the air conditioning unit is outside, the unit is more efficient. Then, it certainly requires professional installation. It is much quieter than the window ac. Only a professional AC technician can install the unit. The installation of AC unit requires the installation of lines for coolant, proper drainage and electricity. When it comes to the cost of split ac installation, it is expensive than window AC.

Tips to maintain the split AC

To take care of the split AC, you can follow the guidelines stated below:

  • In the split AC, the filters are most important components. The filters may keep away the microbes and dust. This is the reason why filters accumulate so much of dirt and dust. To restrict any dust, build up, you must replace the filters every 3 months. If you want clean and fresh air, the filters must be clean as well.
  • The unit fan of the AC requires proper maintenance too. With the accumulation of dirt and dust, the unit fan breaks down. Thus, you need to maintain the unit fan as well. If the blades are dirty, it will make noise. If the fans are dirty, use detergent to clean the fan.
  • Among all the components of air conditioning system, the compressor is most important. Its main task is to convert low pressure or low volume gas into high volume and high-pressure gas. The compressor must be clean if you want the unit to run smoothly.
  • Maintain the evaporator of split ac as well. If you find that the evaporator is old, you must replace it to make the system efficient. An efficient evaporator can improve air circulation and air flow.
  • The air duct must be clean and well maintained. Clean duct frequently as it accumulates dust and dirt.

Benefits of Choosing the Split AC Conditioner As already stated, there are two main components in the split air, namely, the outdoor and the indoor unit. The best part about split AC is that it does not need duct work. So, the installation is not much difficult.

The following are the benefits of split system installation:

  • Unlike central air conditioning system, split ac consumes less of energy. There is no chance of energy loss as the AC is ductless. So, a homeowner can save a lot of energy cost.
  • As the air conditioner is ductless, the installation is easy. Here only copper tubes need to be accommodated in the walls.
  • It offers utmost climate control. Split AC also has heating capabilities.
  • The operation is incredibly quiet

Before buying split AC, do consider the energy rating in stars. The air conditioning unit should meet your demands and needs. With the split AC, you can also cool specific zones by installing separate air handlers.


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