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Impacts Of Social Media On The Society

Social Media Impacts On The Society

Living in a technologically driven world, we all agree that social media impacts our day to day lives and society as a whole significantly. It will be very right to say that it directly impacts our businesses, culture, and the world at large. It has been reported that over the web based world, it is the social media sites that are haunting everything and have been the most popular ways of being so.

At the same time it has also be seen as a fact that they have actually changed the way people used to communicate with each other. Apart from seeing the friends on Facebook or reading about the latest trends on the Twitter, can you think of some of the real positive as well as negative aspects of the social media on the society? Let us have a brief look at how this social media world is impacting business, politics, and socialization and at the same time negative effects like cyber crimes etc.

Politics: It has been observed and a proven fact that social media websites play an important role during elections around the world including United States of America, India, and Iran to name a few. Social media actually served to rally people for a cause. It also inspired large number of masses to be a part of the movements and political de-stability in several countries around the globe.

Business: Social media is used one of the ways for advertising of the products and services offered by the companies around the world. It is used to build the customer loyalty, create awareness among the niche market about the products and services as well as other functions. Feedback from the customers as well as interaction with them facilitates the businesses to understand the needs of the market and come up with the complying strategies and products and services. Social media serves to be a cheaper mode of marketing as compared to the television advertisements and other expensive ways of marketing to enhance the brand popularity as well as brand image.

Socialization: Social networks provide opportunity to the people to get in touch with their old friends, make friends with new people, share ideas, pictures and contents as well as several other activities. Users are capable of staying ahead of the local as well as global developments and at the same time enhance the business and career prospects. Students can get in touch with the peers to add to their academic proficiency as well as communication skills. By interacting with people from variety of cultures, people get connected with people in other countries.

Negative effects: Every picture has two sides and same is with the usage of social media and its impacts on the society. These social media sites have emphasized more on the virtual interaction and ignore the real life relationships. Other few negative impacts of the social media usage are as follows:

Online harassment and cyber bullying: If you are not careful then you can be targeted for cyber bullying. People have fallen prey to online attacks causing distress. If it happens one should take proper legal action against the attacker.

Productivity: Many companies have blocked these sited in offices as people are addicted to them and spend most of the times on these sites rather than working.

Privacy: When one reveals personal information on these sites, one becomes vulnerable to crimes such as staling, indemnity theft etc.

In short, it is in hands of the users how he or she used it wisely to reap its benefits.

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