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How to throw amazing winter fairytale party?

Magic, fairies, knights, and princesses have a strong hold on our collective consciousness. Winter decorations are all about glitter, snow, sparkles and white that creates a feeling of a fairytale in your own home.

Do you want to know how to throw a fantastic winter party?

There are many ways to achieve that, and we will share some ideas with you.

Colors and Materials

Don’t throw away your old white and blue sweaters, use them to decorate your home for a party. Just cut off the sleeves then slip them over glass votives and vases. Use natural elements such as pine cones, leaves, flowers, stone, and wood to decorate your room.

You can use twigs to create a cute centerpiece for the table or get them all together and put them in a basket. To achieve that special feeling of joy and snow you need to include some colors.

Of course, the dominant color should be white. Include it with the large items, bed covers, and tablecloths. Blue accessories and cushions would be a great idea for the details. If you prefer something rustic, then use wooden elements with some brown color.

Glass for Decoration

Glass for Decoration

Decorate with tree branches, leaves, pine cones and put them in transparent glass containers. Repurpose items like jars, bottles, and barrels to create some excellent focal points for the room. For example, use apothecary jars for the small stuff and empty wine bottles as candle holders or vases.

Place a few branches of pine leaves in a large glass vase to get that refreshing smell. To evoke a forest setting, place them in the sun-filled window.

Time for Gathering

It is always more fun creating winter decorations with your family. You can make oversized popsicle snowflakes. All you need is a spray paint and a few popsicles to make these lovely decorations.

You can also mix leaves, acorns, pine cones with glass bubble balls to get a rustic contemporary look. Use glitters to create some adorable things. For example, use them to fill the balloons and hang them on the doors and windows and the ceiling.

If the party is for kids, make a DIY area where the children can make some glittery pieces on their own.

Time for Photos

Turning your house into a winter fairytale is always a fun idea. It would be a shame not to have some beautiful images from your awesome party. To make them extraordinary, hire a PhotoBoothMe or contact a team of professionals that offer photo booth hire in Sydney, as this will surely make your event a complete success”

Time for Photos

Food and Drinks for Your Party

The best part of any event is delicious food and drinks. Cookies covered with coconut flour, honey or powdered sugar are amazing snacks for your children and friends. If you have a fireplace, you could roast marshmallows with your little ones. You could also serve milk and blue punch in jars with colorful straws, hot cocoa, cotton candy snowman, snowflakes and cupcakes with white and blue topping.

Add some fairytale food ideas such as golden eggs and beans from Jack and the Beanstalk, the apple from Snow White, breadcrumbs from Hansel and Gretel, porridge from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. You can make DIY muffin corner, where your guests can express their creativity and arrange all the decorative items and toppings.


Winter party requires a bit more effort than a summer/spring one. But, when the winter comes, magic awakes. That is the best time of the year for cool costume parties and fairytale birthday celebrations.

This event is primarily charming for the kids and a fantastic dinner party theme for your guests. In this article, we gave you some ideas for winter decorations.

With these suggestions, some creativity, imagination and a bit of work, you can create a perfect winter fairytale party in your home. To make the event even more magical try to add your unique ideas.

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