How To Test Your Gut Health At Home

There’s an old adage that goes, “all disease begins in the gut.” Those were the words of the Greek physician, Hippocrates. What he hypothesized years ago is all being researched heavily in present day. Research keeps coming out that point to the gut as being the root cause of everything from sleep issues to skin conditions to autoimmune disorders. The foods we eat, toxins in the atmosphere, and artificial ingredients in cosmetics are altering our microbiome. Luckily, a simple at-home gut health test can help.

What is the Microbiome?

Inside your gut are trillions of microscopic living beings. They are single-celled organisms that range from bacteria to fungi to viruses. These beings are known as microbes, and the community they reside in (your gut) is known as the microbiome.

Now, don’t be grossed out about what’s going on inside. These bacteria have been with you since day one. In fact, they are pretty helpful. Microbes assist us in creating new cells, breaking down food, and absorbing nutrients. Beneficial stomach bacteria also helps keeps harmful toxins from coming up from your digestive system.

Unfortunately, the balance of power begins to shift in favor of the toxins and opportunistic bacteria as we age. Every poor dietary decision we make is a chip away at the strength of our microbiome. That’s because beneficial stomach bacteria can’t survive on fast food and artificial ingredients. 

Instead, inflammation wipes them out, clearing the way for harmful bacteria to take up residence. Depending on which bacteria take over, you will feel eventually feel unfavorable symptoms. For some, it can be bloating. Others, it’s eczema. While many might struggle with bouts of depression. 

That’s how complex the microbiome is, and how unique we all are. It’s also why you need to take a gut health test at home.

What is a Gut Health Test?

A gut health test is an easy way of saying mRNA sequencing. However, it’s not as invasive as you would think. In fact, you can easily take a gut health test at home in a matter of seconds.

With a company like Thryve Inside, personalizing wellness is a piece of cake. Their At-Home Gut Health Test Kit contains a couple of sterile swabs, individually wrapped for sanitary purposes. Just collect a little sample from your toilet paper. From there, dip the swab into the vial of liquid they provide. Lastly, place the sample into the pre-stamped package they provide.  

Next, their specialists use mRNA sequencing to determine which stomach bacteria is causing you problems and which microbes your gut may be missing. Based on that information, they formulate a personalized probiotic tailored to your system.

What Are Personalized Probiotics? 

Generic probiotics are like any other generic supplement. Taking them might mean you’re just overflowing your body with unnecessary minerals. Instead, you should need to get to the bottom of what’s going on in your system. That way, you can alter your wellness regimen accordingly. Personalized probiotics are the key.

Each month, Thryve will send you a probiotic supplement that will have strains to help combat the harmful bacteria in your biome. It will also contain strains that your gut should be lacking for overall diversity. 

Like humans, bacteria are alive. They eat the foods we eat, too. Just like us, they have particular tastes as well. Since Thryve knows which bacteria are in your gut (and your supplement), they can help you find which foods your bacteria enjoy as well.

By getting personalized probiotics with Thryve, you are automatically enrolled in their Gut Health Program. This program allows you to see the microbiome testing results, our analysis, and food recommendations/recipes. Take out the guesswork by learning more about Thryve Inside.

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