How To Start With The Bathroom And Kitchen Renovation Planning

When you are planning to do renovations in the house, then the two areas, which snatch most of your attention, are the kitchen and the bathroom. Both are actually often made with many visions, and then often much neglected through the years to make a messy and unclean place, which should not be the case. Hence, when you plan to revamp them again, and match them up to your current lifestyle and the modern trends, then you need to prioritize a few things, and work accordingly.

# Get an Interior Decorator for the Project

You must get an interior designer for such a project. That’s because an interior decorator will be able to analyze the needs, the current trends, the cost factors, and the functionality of the small and big items you plan to install or change. The floor, the wall, the fittings, the plumbing, the electrical lines, all comes under the knowledge of the interior decorator. Thus, making the professional a one-stop solution for all answers and clearing of confusions. Hence, without wasting your precious time on speculations, and without wasting your precious money on useless things, get a decorator.

# What Exactly You Want in The Kitchen and Bathroom?

Here, you must make a proper list of items you need in the kitchen or bathroom. Once this list is ready, your interior designer will be able to work much better on this, to give you real great solutions. You may like a sauna, and want it installed, or may live in a hot and humid zone, where all you may think of is a cold-water Jacuzzi. On the contrary, you may just think of a simple vintage style bathroom with simpler fittings. It goes right with the kitchen renovation planning too. Whether you need simple faucet in the sink or a pot filler faucet, are the various types of things you will have to think and decide. Later, you will have to discuss them with your decorator while making the budget for the project.

# What is your Budget?

The budget is the most important thing in the whole project. If you do wrong calculations here, then your entire project may fail. Your interior designer has a great role here in telling you what would cost how much as per the list you discussed. Depending on the total fare, you will have to decide if you want to do some additions and subtractions in the list of items you want to add.

# Ask for A Finished Plan Model to Finalize

Your interior designer and kitchen and bath-remodeling specialist can make a nice model for you if you insist. The model will show you what exactly you are going to get after the renovation. Hence, you must insist on getting a model, or a computer graphics design, to get the exact idea. This will help you steer clear any confusions or notions, and change a few things, like the floor tiles, the wall tiles, the colors of accessories etc, and more, if you want to.

# Stick to the Theme

While, you may want to add stylish items everywhere, and many functional items at places. You should not forget the main theme. Things should match with each other to make the kitchen and bathroom look good. Here again your interior designer has a big role to play, theme will rather be maintained by the designer.

# Measure the Practicality

If you think that you are buying an item, which you may not use in future, then don’t buy this, and invest that money on something useful. Buying in an addiction, and once you start buying, it may get hard to control the urge to shop for related items. However, many homeowners later realized that in the process they bought a lot of items, which will never be practically used.


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