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How to pick the perfect Care Home [Infographic]

Picking the right care home for you or a loved one is an important but often difficult decision. Encore Care Homes have created a guide which includes the most important factors which you should consider before making your decision. Getting the decision wrong could be financially costly and you could be up being tied down with something which isn’t right for you. However, picking the right care home can lead to a much happier life and receiving the right care whenever you need it.

Type of Care

The extent to which you or a loved one requires care should be a big factor when starting your search. Some care homes will provide specialist care for particular illnesses which, if it is applicable to you, will be a great advantage. If you feel like you don’t require a large amount of care, consider having a look for general residence homes, as these will be more suitable and cheaper.

Inspection Report

While looking into a care home, make sure to research the homes inspection report online in order to get a professional report on the standard of care provided within a home. If a home has a positive CQC report, it means that the care and facilities available are up to or above industry standards. CQC assessors will rate a care home outstanding, good or inadequate, based on an inspection. A home with an outstanding rating performs exceptionally well and offers great care. A home which is rated good meets CQC expectations and the care given is at or above industry standards. A home which is rated inadequate is currently performing badly and enforcement action will have been taken. It is advisable to only choose a home which is rated either good or outstanding.

Online Reviews

Like an inspection report, online reviews offer a great insight into the actual care which is provided in a care home. Sites such as, and a simple google search of the care home should all show lots of reviews from current and previous residents. One major benefit of online reviews as opposed to an inspection report is that they can provide great information on what a care home performs like over a long period of time, rather than just one particular day.

Cost of Care

The cost of care is one of the most important factors to consider before signing a contract or moving into a care home. You should look for a care home which won’t place too much of a financial burden upon you or a loved one. This does not mean however that you should go for the cheapest option. If specialist care is needed in your case, it is going to be worth spending extra in order to receive a higher standard of care.

We have provided an infographic below which runs through a more details list of factors to consider, as well as some frequently asked questions which will be useful to use if you visit any potential care home.

encore care infographic

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