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How to Get rid of Moss and Mildew on your Home

Protecting your home from moss and mildew is just as important as protecting it from the elements or burglars. A little bit of effort can go a long way as moss can slowly, but surely, degrade your home. In addition to growing in the bathroom, basement, and garage, moss and fungi like mildew are typically found on the top of one’s house, on the roof.

As lack of access to the roof can make moss and mildew removal trickier, and even dangerous, we have set out a few tips on how to approach the issue safely and deal with it more easily.

Preparation for removal

In most cases, you can opt between the physical and chemical approach to removing moss or fungi on your roof, but many also tend to use the two in combination. Whichever you choose, a part of your preparation will be the same.

Some might try to hose the roof down from the earth but there will definitely be a need for a ladder. Make sure they are steady and even strap yourself if you have to. It is also important to use gloves, especially if you intend to use chemicals, in which case you should also consider wearing protective goggles.

You will need your hose on hand and if you also use chemicals you will need a spray bottle with the mix. Another useful tactic is to spread plastic sheets around the area where the water might run down, on the surrounding plant life for example.

Especially if you are to use diluted bleach as your chemical removal component make sure that you wear old clothes in addition to your trusty boots.

Physical removal

If your intent is to physically remove the fungi and moss or in combination with chemicals, firstly make sure you are steady on your ladder. For better results focus your interest on one area at the time. Hose it down and scrub the moss section by section. A roof cleaning Sydney based company advises not to use too much force, and also don’t use a pressure hose or scrape the surface of tiles as that might damage them.

Chemical removal

A chemical removal may be a faster option to get rid of moss but physical removal might also be necessary. Depending on your needs and how environmentally friendly you need a product to be, there is a whole range of products to choose from. If you don’t want to purchase a ready product you can always consider creating your own blend.

One example is a bleach solution, one part water and one part bleach, which can be used for the removal but make sure to protect the plant life around the drains. Despite that, it won’t corrode metals and it isn’t as toxic as some other alternatives. Thus it might be quite effective but should be reapplied annually.

Prevent moss and mildew from coming back

In order to effectively protect your home from the return of moss and mildew, consider what makes them grow on your roof in the first place. Moss loves shade and damp, so firstly you should fix drainage on your roof.

After fixing drainage, consider pruning or even cutting down a tree which gives shade to your roof and helps it to sustain moss and other fungi.

However, if the moss tends to grow on the north side of your roof, there is less you can do as that side naturally receives less sunlight. But there is one possibility. Zink strips have proven effective at fighting off moss. Though Zink isn’t generally harmful, its runoff should not go directly to plants or into a water supply.

So in order to effectively control and get rid of moss and mildew, it is important to be prepared and to do your research. Physical labor will probably be necessary but if you tend the roof with chemical solutions as well as prevent shade and damp conditions, where possible, your regular roof cleaning might be much easier than this one. While tending to your roof, think of your safety but also don’t use too much force on the roof as you might actually cause it more damage. Follow our tips and your home will be moss-free.

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