How To Design A Loft Style Bathroom In A Converted Industrial Building

Are you getting a home designed that has an industrial style, similar to an old factory or warehouse conversion? Do you also want to design a loft style bathroom there? Then, read on to find how to go about it.

Yes, old and worn-out warehouses or factories could be converted into loft-style apartments.

How to Design a Loft Style Bathroom?

It requires careful planning and intelligent designing to convert an old industrial building into some homely setting. Based on GSI bathrooms and bathroom design London, designs for a loft style bathroom emphasise on the aesthetic, creative and also the historic value that could be added to the conversion; thus, bringing in classic elements that carry distinct industrial flair.

The bathroom could have exposed brick walls to give a historic touch. Huge glass windows that have black steel frames and the interiors and décor complementing the vintage look of the bathroom. The first step is that the designer gets a brief description of requirements to create a blend of the classic factory feels along with the beautiful aesthetics of a modern home. They understand if the key users of the bathroom are a young couple, a professional individual, or a modern family. Each person will have their own unique needs and thus studying this factor is very important.

Various Storage Possibilities

What kind of bathroom storage is required would differ for every individual or family. Some people ask for big storage and sufficient makeup space.  Space could be beautifully transformed and personalized into various compartments, shelves, tissue holders etc. Space can also be organized in a way that the cabinets have internal fittings and accessories.

Lighting Fixtures

Loft Style Bathroom

The designing for lighting should be carefully done to make sure that there’s ample natural light and yet the integrated lighting gels with it harmoniously. The lighting of a bathroom should create a pleasant environment while offering the brightness that is required for various activities including makeup.

A refined and stylish lighting control system could be built into the bathroom design using integrated strip lights or spotlights that help in creating the perfect ambiance and mood as per the individual’s preference. The mirror could have side LED lighting and the shelves and cabinets could be designed with an internal lighting system that is controlled by a sensor. Lighting fixtures are indeed a very vital element in all GSI bathrooms. Innovative lights are the best and sophisticated way to decorate any room while illuminating it and enhancing the functionality and charm of any modern interiors.

Family Bath Solutions

A loft style bathroom based on good bathroom design London requires a blend of flexibility, particularly for young children, and also a safe yet relaxing environment. The bath design should be thought and planned carefully as carrying little children in and out of some bath types could be tiresome. Hence, bath solutions are designed as per a family’s specific needs.

Perfect Storage Solutions

You could choose a resting shelf or an attached toweling rail that goes around the part of the bath, or a bathroom having lots of built-in shelves as a corner unit, or a bath with a wooden bench that is attached to it.

Also, if there is a hand-held shower in the bath area then you must think about choosing a thermostatic shower which cuts down the risk of scalding. You should also consider fitting temperature regulators on your taps.

Clear Industrial Flair

How about giving your loft-style bathroom a distinctly industrial flair and a classic, vintage aura? You could also combine modern elegance with traditional elements, which can work well if designed with care.

The key lies in striking a correct balance between material experimentation and sophisticated products. You could use rough materials to get a textured look and may be leaving the pipes visible.

For your bathroom walls, you could have polished concrete, reclaimed wood panels or visible bricks. This along with modern sanitary and vintage furniture or vice versa will do the trick.


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