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How to create a home with a Handmade Area Rug from Rugs and Beyond?

Handmade carpets and rugs add another layer of cushioning, texture and color. Handmade carpets are made in various design patterns including modern and traditional. Handmade carpet helps to combine all accessories of a room in one texture. Handmade carpet and rug is the real foundation of a gorgeous space. It provides safety warm and soft touch to a floor. There are so many benefits using a handmade carpet. I am very excited to share my experience with you all because I just shifted in my new home and I already bought some amazing and gorgeous handmade carpet from Rugs and Beyond on 26th Jan carpet sale. I am very happy because I saved a lot of money by buying a rug from Rugs and Beyond. I am going to tell you how I placed my beautiful rugs in my home perfectly. I am sure you will definitely like the below ideas-

A large woolen Carpet in My Bedroom: Rugs and Beyond has the most beautiful carpet. I would like to say that they provide excellent services at a very reasonable price. I bought a red large wool area rug for my bedroom because I wanted to cover my whole entire space. First I moved my bed from bedroom and placed my carpet horizontally in my room. After that, I placed my bed on it and place a table lamp on both sides of the bed. It is looking awesome.

An 8’x10’ ft. carpet in my living room: I think a living room is the most important place in a home because we attend our guest here, do parties, and celebrates bday etc. so it should be well decorated. As we know that a living area is a high traffic area and that’s why I have taken a wool Persian area rug which contains Kashan design pattern. It is a pure Persian carpet. I selected an 8’x10’ size carpet because I want to put front two legs of my couch on the carpet and rest is on floor. If you want to cover the whole space then buy a large area rug like (8’x10’ft +) size. I placed it in the center of my home and put a transparent table on it. I used a transparent table because I want to show the intricacy and hard craftsmanship of carpet. If you use a wooden table on it then the design of the carpet will hide and it doesn’t make any sense. After that, I placed only the front leg of my couch on it. It is looking very clean and decorative.

A small Silk Wall Hanging Carpet: A silk carpet is known as the most exclusive carpet in the world. I heard about it but now I believed it after finding my stunning silk area rug. It is a little expensive so that I cannot buy a large or a medium one. I added it in my living room as the wall hanging it is containing a hunting design and I love this carpet so much.

Buy handmade rugs from Rugs and Beyond and find the huge discounts. I am sure you will love your carpet once you will see on your floor.


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