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How to Choose the Right Home Care Provider

Do you want to hire a home care provider for yourself or a family member? If so, it’s important to find a capable caregiver who you feel comfortable with. A trustworthy caregiver can really add a lot to your daily life. Look at a few tips that can help you hire a home care provider who will be of great help to you on a daily basis.

Interview a Few Individuals

Interview at least three or four home care providers. This allows you to compare the qualities and skills of several people. Having a few options may help you to get a better idea of the type of home care provider you’d like to have.

Make Note of Small Details During the Interview

Sometimes it’s the small, unspoken things that reveal a lot about the person you’re interviewing. For instance, take a mental note of what the person is wearing. An interviewee who’s dressed in a neat, casual outfit is likely to take his or her caregiver duties seriously. Alternatively, a person dressed in a sloppy way may not care much about the work.

Another detail to take note of is the person’s manners. Does the person shake your hand at the beginning of the interview? Does the person look you in the eye as he or she speaks? Does the person thank you after the interview is complete? These are all signs of respect for others. Certainly, you want a home care giver who has respect for you and your home.

Make a List of Questions to Ask the Provider

It’s really helpful to have a list of questions to ask the individuals you’re interviewing for the home care provider position. Some examples of questions:

  • How long have you worked as a home care provider?
  • Do you enjoy the work?
  • What is your life like outside of work hours?
  • What is the best part of being a home care provider?
  • What is the most challenging part of being a home care provider?

The answers to these questions can help you learn more about the person and determine whether he or she would be a good fit in your home.

Ask About the Person’s Feelings Regarding Pets

If you have a beloved dog or cat, ask the interviewee how they feel about animals. Perhaps the person loves animals and has many of their own. Or, maybe the person is allergic to dogs or cats. This is important information to get out into the open before hiring someone for the position.

Let the Individual Know What You Need Done

Give the interviewee an idea of the things you want done. For instance, you may want a home care provider to prepare meals for you. Perhaps you want someone to help out with the daily house cleaning duties or you need someone to assist with your personal care. It’s best to share this information fairly early in the process so you know if the interviewee is able to give you the help you are looking for.

Ask for References

It’s essential to ask for references from all of the people you interview. Talking with previous employers and people who have been cared for by the interviewee is invaluable as you move toward making a decision on who to hire. An experienced home care provider has reliable references who are willing to talk to you about the person’s qualifications.

Arrange for a Family Member to Meet the Caregiver You’d Like to Hire

Sometimes it’s helpful to get another perspective on a person you’re considering for the job of home care provider. Arranging for a family member to talk to the person means you can get honest feedback about the job candidate. What is your family member’s general impression of the person? The family member knows you and understands what is important to you. This input can help you make your final decision.

Spend Some Time Thinking About Your Options

Maybe you’ve interviewed two or three people for the job of home care provider and you still aren’t sure who to choose. Take some time to think about the individuals and what they have to offer you. If you still feel unsure about all of the candidates, take the opportunity to interview a couple more people. This is an important decision and you should not accept anything less than someone you are completely comfortable with.

Lastly, these are just a few of the tips to remember when going through the process of hiring a home care provider. The most important thing to keep in mind is how you feel when you’re with the person. Do you feel at ease and relaxed when the person is around? Pay close attention to how you feel and you’re likely to end up with the right home care provider for you.

Carolyn Ridland

Carolyn Ridland

Carolyn Ridland is the founder of CaregiverConnection. She write about issues that effect our elderly after her parents could not be self-sufficient anymore. It’s her hope that she can share her knowledge with everyone.

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