How To Choose The Best Quality Adult Incontinence Pads?

Incontinence pads are impermeable, multi-layered sheets that have high absorbency feature. They are used by lots of people suffering from urinary incontinence. The product is widely used by incontinence and health-care industries. With age, we start losing the control we earlier used to have over our body or on various organs of our body.

Defecation is one such problem that most elderly people and seniors encounter. It can turn into an embarrassing situation if it is in public or any such setting. However, with quality adult incontinence pads, there is nothing to worry about any more. You can walk around and be anywhere you want without the thought of involuntary defecation disturbing your peace of mind. Enjoy to the fullest as the absorbing technology of the multi-layered sheets of the incontinence pads will ensure the situation doesn’t turn messy or embarrassing in any way.

There are many companies that manufacture incontinence pads for adults. In purchasing incontinence pads no help is required; but if you want the most efficient and the highest quality product then there are certain guidelines to be followed when picking the right one. All major health-care and incontinence industries manufacture and endorse this product. However, there is always the good and the best. So if you are looking to buy nothing but the best quality adult incontinence pads then you must follow the steps mentioned below.

Steps you can follow in Choosing the Best Pads

1 Determine the level of Incontinence before you pick any product: It is important to figure out the magnitude or the scale of the problem before you start attending to it. There five major stages of incontinence and they are:

  • Light– when there is dripping and the urine release is only occasional.
  • Moderate– when there is a lot of urine release but not enough to call it a full bladder release.
  • Heavy– It is the situation wherein there is a full bladder release. This usually takes place in the day time.
  • Overnight– This is the situation wherein there is release of substantial amount of urine at night.
  • Fecal- this is the term that describes loss of control over bowels.

Keeping these factors in mind, one must buy the appropriate incontinence pad.

2 The Choice between Re-usable and Disposable: There are two different kinds of incontinence pads. If you purpose suits the re-usable pads then go for it, otherwise choose the disposable ones.

3 Absorbency: There might be a lot of promise regarding the performance or the quality of the pads but don’t buy it. Make sure you check and find out the absorbency of the pad you are willing to buy. If there is inadequate absorbency then it can lead to a pretty embarrassing situation almost anywhere.

4 Price: Do not spend much of money on an incontinence pad. There are innumerable brands and companies that manufacture effective and first-grade incontinence pads that are within your budget. Price is not the only factor that determines the quality of incontinence pads. So choose wisely.

5 Trials: Try out pads to see if they fit correctly and if you feel comfortable wearing them and walking around or not. If you are not comfortable then start considering other options.

6 Pull-ups or Re-closable: Depending on your criteria, you can purchase either pull-up pads or re-closable ones, whichever seems more convenient for you.

It is safe to say that technology has brought us a long way. There are solutions to every problem, including incontinence. The different impervious layers of the pads work effectively as they prevent a messy and awkward situation from taking place. Quality adult incontinence pads are available near you, so get them and socialize freely without a worry.


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