How The Automobile Industry Has Evolved With Technology

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Cars have advanced with technology in ways that seem far-fetched or out of this world. Before, cars were thought of as an ordinary means of transportation. Today, cars are the main source of information, entertainment, and comfort. Let’s take a look into just how cars have advanced today.


Before, cars had a basic setup when entertainment is considered. There used to be an 8-track player that provided music to the ears of the listener. Some cars had the basic AM/FM radio installed. With technology today, cars now have Bluetooth capabilities that allow the drivers to listen to their favourite satellite radio stations. With Bluetooth, most cars have touchscreen capabilities that make it easier to adjust features when listening. Entertainment has taken leaps and bounds because listeners no longer have to wait for a song to change. With the push of a button on the dash, the steering wheel, or the remote, the songs can be played. With streaming becoming the preferred method of music for listeners, Bluetooth technology has taken a step further by allowing subscribers the chance to link their favourite streaming service to their automobiles. This is one-way technology has made cars advanced today. To buy a car without Bluetooth capability is unheard of, as Bluetooth has become the standard feature in an automobile. Entertainment is greatly enhanced because of this. If this is not enough, there is also the ability to link the smartphone to the car and utilize the apps on the phone from the steering wheel or the dash within the car. This feature is designed to make the hands-off driving experience a reality. Automobiles that include this feature are everywhere. This allows for drivers to not lose focus while driving. As many accidents are the result of a driver looking at a phone to read a text message, or even looking at the phone to read an email. All of these concerns are solved with the steering wheel having the feature to answer calls and respond to text messages for the driver.


With safety being a chief concern, as cars have advanced, so have the safety measures as well. There used to be standard airbags in automobiles and this was the norm. But with today’s innovations, cars now have accident sensors that will alert the driver when the car approaches a physical object. This means that even when a driver is not able to see the actual ground, the car can sense objects for the driver and give the necessary alerts to avoid any danger. Drivers also have the advantage to see objects behind the car when backing up. This feature is the newly innovated backup camera that most cars have today. High-end cars like the Tesla, Ferrari, or the McLaren have the backup camera installed. The normal everyday sedans are equipped with this feature as well. Safety in this form allows the driver to see people, pets, or physical objects behind the driver. Statistics show that drivers are less prone to hit objects. In fact, in 2013, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that the backup camera would be added to its critical list of safety ratings. Safety is a critical concern, and the backup camera and sensor are two ways this is being taken seriously. Safety is enhanced when the driver has the ability to know when there is a danger or when there is no danger. Most drivers are too occupied with the road to notice certain forms of danger and this is where accidents often take place. Accidents are never a good thing, and thanks to technology, crashes are being diverted more frequently.


Before, a driver had to have skills to park into tight spots or even to make certain turns when parking. With today’s cars, parking is no longer a concern as there are cars that now have the self-parking feature installed. This is a feature that allows the car to park itself for the driver. This makes parking a lot easier because the driver no longer has to worry about how they are going to park in a tight place or even how a certain space will be filled by their vehicle. The car is equipped with sensors that will enable the safe parking in any parking place where there is space. The self-driving mechanism was something that was only seen in movies of the space age. Now, self-driving cars are seen everywhere. This is just another way that technology has grown in proportion to automobiles. Parking is no longer a situation to avoid or to try to get around. With selfless parking features, parking is now enjoyable. To see a car park itself is amazing because at one time this was something that was considered futuristic. It is slowly becoming the norm with more cars having this feature installed.

Fuel Emissions

There are cars that do not run off of fuel. These are called electric cars or smart cars. Such cars are designed to run off of an electrical charge. So the same way a patron may charge their cell phone is the same way a car will be charged at a charging port. These cars are designed to be eco-friendly in that emissions from fuel is not sent off into the atmosphere, thereby making electric cars the preferred choice for those conscious of the ecosystems and the effects of gaseous emissions. Smart cars are very efficient as well. Some cars are able to travel far distances off of a single charge. If the charge ever runs out, some of these cars have the ability to switch over to a gas engine that can power the car to a nearby station for help. This is how technology has made automobiles develop over time.

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Cars are made better today because of technology and as time progress, cars will only develop more. Technology is the solution for a lot of the problems in the past with cars, and these are just a few ways that advancements have been made for drivers on the road.

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