How to Tackle Spring House Cleaning Without Going Berserk

Although you have probably been looking forward to this year’s spring cleaning, this action can be quite stressful. Since most people can afford only one free day over the weekend to get the entire clean-up done in a single day, stress starts to kick in really soon. The moment you start cleaning is the moment you realize how much dirt and muck have accumulated and that you may not finish before sundown. This is enough to make anyone go berserk but luckily, wise planning can save you a lot of effort.

Wipe the windows on a sunny day

It might seem like a silly thing to take care of but if you decide to clean the windows during one of those extra sunny spring days, all that heat will work against you. The thing is between applying the window cleaner and wiping it off with a clean wet cloth, the window pane need to stay moist. Otherwise, the chemical you have put onto the glass will dry out and leave nasty stains across the entire pane. That’s why a wet cloth soaked only in water needs to be applied as soon as possible. If the window receives direct sunlight, you will not have enough time to remove the cleaning chemical before it dries out. This is why a cloudy day is much more suitable for spring cleaning, at least when it comes to the windows.

Cleaning hardwood floors

One of the most common mistakes that homeowners make is to mop the floors as soon as they spot a single stain on the hardwood. This is the wrong way to go because no matter how impregnated the surface is, it is still wood and it doesn’t go well with water. In fact, the spring cleaning should be one of the few times in a year that you clean all the floor surfaces in the house. Hardwood gets additionally damaged through extensive use of chemicals, so go easy on floor polishing solutions.

Is eco-cleaning possible?

We have mentioned that chemicals are in general detrimental. This is not true only for your house but for the environment in general. All the toxins inside them eventually end up outside your house poisoning the ground and water. Since it is impossible to imagine spring cleaning your house without the use of some sort of cleaning solution, you can always go green. In fact, there are cleaning services like Simply Spotless Cleaning that have opted out from using harmful substances and use only eco-friendly chemicals instead. The home cleaning service they offer is usually all-encompassing as it includes everything from dusting the bedroom to mopping the floors in the kitchen.

Dealing with tiles

Speaking of the kitchen, its floors are mostly tiled ones. Together with the bathroom and perhaps the hall, that accounts for a lot of tiles inside the house that require a thorough scrub. You need to take care of which type of cleaner you use, as they need to have a neutral pH factor in order not to damage the stone. Instead of buying expensive chemicals, you can make a homemade cleaning solution by mixing half a cup of baking soda with some seven liters of water. You can use this mixture to mop the floors with and any baking soda that might be left over can be applied to a brush to clean the grout area.

Tending to the fridge …

A spring cleanup is not all about scrubbing hard and dusting the whole place. It is about the finesses that are equally important. For instance, your refrigerator needs to be cleaned both from the outside as well as the inside. That is why a few swipes of a wet cloth will not get the job done, as you need to pull out all the shelving from inside the fridge and rinse it in warm soapy water. Once the fridge is clear of any obstacle on the inside, clean all the surfaces, taking special care of the area around the pegs. Also, don’t forget to take down any magnets from the front door of the fridge so you can clean its entire outer surface.

… And the dishwasher

The same procedure you applied to the refrigerator goes for the kitchen dishwasher as well. However, the inside of the dishwasher is top priority! First, make sure you remove any food leftovers from the bottom and then scrub hard on the bars of the basket, so all stains are gone. During the washing process, strong jets of water have the power to literally stick food to the inside of the machine. Once you’re done cleaning, run a special cleaning cycle to allow the dishwasher to clean itself.

Finally, you need to remember to have a clear plan set out before you pick up the mop. This way, you can apply the tips provides here in phases, with plenty of time to rest in between. “Easy does it” is the formula for spring cleaning that will ensure your free Sunday doesn’t get wasted.



Leila Dorari

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