How Many Household Chores Could You Automate? [Infographic]

Do you have a hectic lifestyle and looking for easier day-to-day solutions? Well, with the latest developments in technology now breaking into the household chores sector, it couldn’t be easier to automate your daily to-do’s and make your life that little bit easier whether it’s for yourself, your family or for a loved one.

From cleaning, washing and ironing to grocery shopping, mowing the lawn and remembering to pick up your parcel there’s now plenty of apps and company services out there to help you streamline your life, get organised and to have more time for the things you actually enjoy doing.

Tired of doing household chores?

Household chores are just one of those things in life that have to be done on a regular basis and that most of us try to put off for as long as possible. At Love2Laundry, our customers are always looking to streamline their life and looking for ways to reduce their amount of chores and to help make things a little bit easier.

You might be thinking that these new-age tech helpers might make you a tad lazy though, however this isn’t the case as they’re designed to help remind you of your to-do’s or to actually help in getting stuff ticked off your list! So what’s lazy about that?

Whether it’s an app at the touch of a button on your digital device or a company where you can hire a professional to do the job for you, it’s time to automate your household chores and make things a whole lot easier for yourself. Plus, many of the services that can help often come with a customised experience so you can tailor your needs according to the service. There are so many options out there, that it really is up to you and how much or how little you want help with when it comes to your daily chores.

Household chores: The most liked vs the most disliked

Is cleaning the house, taking out the bins and washing the dishes some of your least favourite chores? Well, you’re not alone as these are amongst some of the most disliked chores, as well as ironing, vacuuming and others. Here are some of the statistics:

Cooking: 62% like, 16% dislike

Vacuuming: 27% like, 29% dislike

Laundry: 22% like, 27% dislike

Ironing: 16% like, 50% dislike

Tidying and Organising: 44% like, 21% dislike

Cleaning the house: 25% like, 44% dislike

Washing up: 22% like, 32% dislike

Taking out the bins: 10% like, 37% dislike

Now, although technology can’t physically pick up that over cleaner and get scrubbing that grime off the oven, there are now many digital services out there where someone can actually do it for you. If you’d rather do the chores yourself though but just need a tool to help you keep track of all your chores and to-dos, there are also many free apps out there! You might need to try out a few though before finding which one works best for you and your family.

How can technology transform your household chores?

Technology really is helping to make every facet of our lives easier. Discover which chore management apps and services there are out there to personally help you out. The team over at Love2Laundry, an online dry cleaning service, have put together this cool infographic which you can check out below!

In an easy-to-follow layout, the infographic compares some of the most liked chores versus some of the most disliked chores, as well as pinpointing which common household chores you could automate with technology today. There’s also a section on products most commonly bought or ordered online by age group. Did you know that 37% of 25-34 year olds most commonly buy physical goods such as electronics, clothes and books online? Did you know 18% of 45-54 year olds will buy travel or holiday arrangements such as tickets online?

Check out all the above and more in the infographic below. No matter how open you are to the idea of technology seeping into your daily chores, it’s well worth the read!

How technology is making daily chores easier infograhpic

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