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How House Reblocking and Leveling Expert Repairs the Foundation

People may construct their house or may purchase a readymade one to live. But we need to keep in mind that all the belongings of the house need maintenance. Our home is not an exception as well. If people find many types of damages in the house, they need to resolve them as soon as possible to avoid the making it more complex. Leveling and reblocking services may also be required to maintain the house depending on the severity of the damage. Let us know about house reblocking, leveling, reasons and need for an expert.

House Reblocking

Reblocking and restumping are the same things. In this process, foundation stumps are rebuilt to overcome few major problems of the structure. These foundation stumps that support the house are repaired in this process so that they do not sink in the soil. This can result in miss leveling of the house. So, we need to avail the next process which is house leveling.

House Leveling

This is a process in which the house is brought into its previous state after its foundation is damaged due to some reasons. One of the reasons of the damaging of foundation is the stumps on which the house is supported. In such a case, house reblocking and leveling expert is needed.

Why Reblocking and Leveling needed

There are many reasons when residents should think that there is a need for reblocking and leveling the house. Some of the problems are as follows

  • Difficulty in opening and closing doors and windows
  • Cracks in interior walls and ceilings
  • Water leakage

If residents find that the problems are occurring frequently, then consulting with the experienced house reblocking and leveling expert is required.

Reasons for Damages

There are many reasons that can lead to such problems and these are described below.

  • Soil condition becomes unstable: There are many reasons that can result in changing of the soil in the foundation. The changes may occur due to moisture, chemicals, and other natural elements. This leads to erosion of soil, which further leads to instability of the foundation of the house.
  • Structural damage: The structure of the house can be damaged due to natural calamities like earthquake. This can lead to damage to the foundation. This may also change the look of the structure.
  • Bad drainage system: The faulty drainage system in the house is another symptom for which hiring the house reblocking and leveling expert becomes necessary. Soaking of water, water leakage, and other problems related to water occur due to the bad drainage system as well.
  • Unnecessary tree roots: The foundation of the house may become weak due to the unwanted roots that penetrate the foundation. In such a case, the house leveling and reblocking expert is required immediately. The foundation is distorted because of this penetration. The immediate action is needed so that the roots do not become strong and spread.
  • How does the expert work: Expert checks the house roughly to get an idea about how the process should be done. They estimate the time the workers may take for the competition of the processes. The expert will change the house stumps and the owner can opt for readymade stumps. The stumps should be made up of concrete or other materials that are resistant to moisture and other natural calamity. Such a choice will increase the durability of the foundation and also make it strong.

The house leveling and reblocking expert will start the process of reblocking in which he has to remove and replace the stump or repair them. This process will make the foundation strong. The next step will be leveling in which the base of the house is leveled. The method of leveling depends on the type of foundation.

The residents should contact the expert immediately when they find cracks in the house, water leakage and other problems. If the expert is called at the initial stage of damage, the repairing will be easy, and cost will also be less.

So, you should not waste time to hire an efficient house leveling and reblocking expert to solve the problem of your building and save it from further damages.


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