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Which Hobby Suits You the Best?

Do you still keep the stamp collection or the sticker album you collected when you were a kid? Good, then you know pleasing it is to have a hobby to keep you busy. It was all fun and games when you were a kid but now that you have grown up having a suitable hobby could mark the difference between a mental breakdown and leading a healthy and balanced life.

Essentially, hobbies are ideal tools to combat stress and the burnout syndrome because they help us unwind and focus our creative energy on something that we truly care about. When we were children we had plenty of interests but as people grow older they become disinterred in life in general, so it becomes hard to find that one hobby that is right for you. That is why it is more than useful to have a mental overview of all the hobbies out there, so you could choose the one that suits you the best. Who knows, you might go back to the thing that brought you joy when you were ten years old.

Crazy for science

If you think that rock climbing and horse riding are way too dangerous for you, you can always resort to more “peaceful” hobbies. In fact, the passion you once had for science classes at school could see its culmination. Observing and researching the world around you can be something to keep you occupied in your spare time. You could get a beginner’s telescope kit and observe the night sky from your porch or window if astronomy is your thing. If you are crazy about space flight, there are numerous model sets that you can buy and assemble, like the Apollo rocket.

If biology is your thing, then a home use microscope will be an endless source of entertainment, as you can discover the cellular structure of everything around your, from locks of hair, all the way to a snowflake. Nature-lovers will get binoculars and watch the birdlife in their neighbourhood. Just be careful not to get overenthusiastic and invade your neighbours’ privacy.

Playing an instrument

Since the dawn of time, people across the globe have been inventing new ways of creating music. From the most primitive instrument all the ways to modern electronic music, learning to play music has always been associated with focus and mental calmness. You needn’t become a piano virtuoso but you can accept the challenge of learning to play an instrument of your choice. Even if you are not that keen on music, once you start producing melodious sounds, you will fall in love with the instrument you chose. You will soon start feeling all the psychological benefits of music as a hobby.

Problem solving and bonding

In general, hobbies are there to help make an individual happy but this doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy together with your family and friends. There are numerous games and activities that are multiplayer in nature, so you can use them not only to unwind but to spend quality time with your spouse and children. In fact, you can “rob” them of the idea for a hobby, so before you know it, you will be assembling a medieval castle made out of Lego dice. While the kids are learning how to be creative and develop their motoric skills, you will be engaging your brain in such a matter that you will forget that you are employed, let alone that you have an important deadline this week.

Some of the board games that you can play include: jigsaw puzzles, various brain teasers, and crosswords. Especially interesting are card games like canasta, poker, bridge, and solitaire. Of course, you shouldn’t play any of them with your kids, especially not for money. Card games are more suitable for adults, while children can be given coloring pencils and a notepad for them to create their infantile art masterpieces. You too could draw something, even it was an outline of a house since any expression of creativity has the power to relieve stress. Finally, there is chess as an ideal mind game for the whole family.

Hitting the outdoors

If chess, music, and watching the stars aren’t engaging enough for you, then you are probably an adrenaline junkie just waiting to hit the outdoors. Actually, any sport that takes place outside or in a sporting arena counts as a hobby, so there is no reason to risk your life in order to make the time pass quicker. Even standing in the middle of a slow river in the plains in your Wellington boots catching fish counts as an outdoor hobby. The list of activities you can do outside is endless, from hiking and trekking, all the way to skiing and snowboarding. Don’t forget that sports like football, baseball, volleyball, tennis, etc. all count as hobbies as well.

However, in terms of popularity, the most mass outdoor hobby would definitely have to be cycling. All you need is a sturdy bike and you are ready to go riding in the mountains. Furthermore, you can turn commuting into pleasure if you choose to cycle to work. Bicycles are an ideal mean of transport in the overcrowded cities of today, so cycling is an ideal urban hobby. If you lack proper storage space, you can always install a wall mount bike stand on your balcony and you are good to go. Ridding a bicycle every day means that you are adopting a healthy lifestyle and discovering a faster and a more scenic way to get to work.

Learn to speak a new language

The more languages you speak, the richer you are. This saying is true in terms of hobbies as well, as language acquisition is becoming increasingly popular. In the past, people learned to speak Spanish or Russian because they had to but today millennials are learning new languages as a hobby. It is not all about the vocabulary and the grammar, as you are adopting a mindset different than your own when you master a foreign language.

There are probably many language schools in your town but the best way to learn a language is to learn it on your own by listening to music and watching movies in the target language. This way, you will become proficient much faster and you will be ready to impress your friends when you travel abroad. This hobby has a practical side to it, as you will find it easier communicating with foreigners on your travels. The more languages you know, the more people will you be able to communicate with, as not every person on Earth is fluent in English.

Travel the globe

We all love to travel, especially now that the entire planet is one big community and crossing state borders has never been easier. However, traveling is not the first word we associate with a hobby, while in reality; there is no better hobby than being on the road all the time. Not only do you visit exotic places, taste different foods, and learn new customs but you interact with people in a meaningful and (most of the time) pleasant way. This all adds to the fact that traveling is good for your health. If you haven’t caught the travel bug, you don’t have to go on long trips, as a simple city break can help you stop thinking about work all the time.

Pub quiz nights

We are all thirsty for knowledge but there comes a time when we lose the desire to memorize new facts and that is why we become forgetful. In order to impede the early stages of dementia, pub quizzes are an ideal hobby to take up. Our grey cells will be thankful as we push them to the limit trying to remember which calibre is an AK-47 rifle or who won the World Cup back in 1966. Trivia quizzes that feature questions like these are especially popular, so you need to have players of diverse interests on your team. Hanging out with your friends, drinking beer, and trying to answer wacky questions in a crowded bar is an ideal pastime.

A collector once again

We spoke about collection stamps but you don’t have to collect the same things all your life, as the passion is always there, the form of its expression changes. By collecting vintage items, you help preserve the personal, family, and even national memories, which makes your hobby all but child’s play. If you have an eye for detail, then you belong on the flea market trying to spot a lost Rembrandt or a misplaced Fabergé egg.

The list of collectibles is pretty much endless, as everything from old Nationals Geographic magazines to movie posters. This really depends on your interests and the budget at your disposal. If you have a deep pocket, then you can afford to collect vintage cars but if you are more financially humble, then you are more likely to collect books, spoons or coins. Keep in mind that everything is collectible, including toys, rocks and gems, and autographs. Essentially, anything that you are passionate about can be turned into a hobby. In the end, you might end up collecting beer cans (which are also totally legit collectibles)!

As you have seen, there are so many hobbies that it is hard to decide which one to take up. The type of your personality and your preferences are going to be the deciding factor whether you decide to get a bike or a chess board. Whatever your end choice may be, just don’t give up on hobbies, as they help you stay mentally and physically healthy in the hectic world of today.



Leila Dorari

Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur and freelance writer from Sydney. She’s passionate about home improvement and living better lives by nurturing our surroundings. In her free time, you can find her window shopping or exploring new ways to make her life more meaningful.

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