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Healthy Halloween Snacks for Fitness Enthusiasts

“My body is my temple” is the mission statement of many people worldwide today.  Some of them have succeeded in it, others are still struggling. The everlasting war against calories and carbs can be very tiring especially when you start obsessing about it. The mission is to turn diet and a strict exercise regime into a lifestyle. It is hard to think of a lifetime where you have to give up everything you like and have no joy. This can be particularly prominent during the holiday season approaching.  Keep the holiday spirit but reject the calories. Have a look at some of the treats you can use to have fun and stay healthy and let me know if you’ve come up with something interesting yourself.

Spooky carrot eyes

Have you ever been spooked by a carrot? There is a first time for everything. This snack is the perfect one to begin the list with, not only that it has a very low calorie-count but it is tremendously simple to make and is done in no time. Mind you, the colors fit the holiday beautifully.

All you need is a couple of carrots, some Greek yogurt and either cranberries or black olives. Cut the carrots into pieces similar in size, about 3 cm long. Place a spoonful of yogurt in the middle to represent the white of the eye. Cut an olive in half and place it on top of the yogurt and you’ve got yourself an iris with a pupil. Alternatively, you can use cranberries instead of olives and place two pieces on top of yogurt to get two tiny eyes watching you.

Spooky carrot eyes collageFruity bites

Here is another piece of cake recipe for you, or should I say a piece of healthy, sugar-free carrot cake recipe! You need apples, sunflower seeds, sunflower butter (or a nutty butter of your choice) and some strawberries.  You will use apples to create lips so get a really ripe granny smith ones where there is a touch of red color on the skin. Cut them in quarters and carve them in the middle to make a hole for the mouth. Fill the mouth with butter and stick half of a strawberry in to pose for a tongue. Pin the sunflower seeds into the edges to create a mouth full of teeth. Your snack is both funny and creepy and it has about 140 calories.

Cheesy fingers

Here’s another lchf Halloween treat. You need a pack of string cheese, some almonds and a bit of cream cheese. The finger itself will be made out of the string cheese cut in two. You should carve little markings to represent knuckles. Cut an edge of the tip to be a base of a nail and dab it with a tiny amount of cream cheese. Cut an almond vertically into thin slices, they will be the nails. Put the almond slices on top of cream cheese. Do this about a dozen times and you’ve got yourself a plate full of severed fingers.

Cheesy fingers collageJason face muffins

Now, moving onto something slightly more demanding as we are actually baking her. In order to make 6 muffins, you will need 50g of oats, 25 g True Protein powder, preferably homemade, green food color, 50g of applesauce, a teaspoon of baking powder and an egg. Mix all of the ingredients, and put them in a muffin tray, place a tablespoon on top of each muffin and leave it in a preheated oven for about 15-20 minutes. In order to decorate them, you will need 50g of curd, vanilla flavoring, 3g of chocolate drops, 3g of grated chocolate and 3g of protein crisps. By mixing curd and the vanilla you will get a white base for the scary face. Melt the chocolate drops individually for the eyes and crush the protein crisps to create white watery pupils, place them on top of the eyes. Use the grated chocolate to make the pointy teeth.

Little devils

While catching a breath after muffins, here’s another simple one. All you need is some eggs, an avocado, and a red pepper. If you are a fan of spicy food or if you know those who are, prepare a hot sauce, as well. Hard boil the eggs, cut them in halves and scoop out the yolks. Mix the yolks with avocado to get a smooth filling, this is where you are supposed to add the sauce if you want them to be spicy. Use the mixture to refill the egg whites. Cut the curvy part of the pepper into thin sticks to create the horns to place on top of the green filling, for there’s no devil without horns.

Little Devils collageYou can adjust each one of these to your decorative skills and specific dietary demands. Remember, a healthy lifestyle should not be a life of restriction and there is no reason for you not to take pleasure in preparing or eating food as long as you make an effort to put some thought and dedication into it.

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