Hanging Acoustic Curtains To Block The Noise Away From Your Home

Living in downtown can be truly stressful. It is not only because of the higher life rhythm, but also due to the noise—car honks, people chattering, and more. Well, if you want to keep your home in downtown as your serene and tranquil place, you definitely need to block the noises away and prevent them from entering your home. Hmm, what about hanging soundproof or acoustic curtains that will keep not only noises, but also disturbing light, from getting inside your residence?

Today, we will briefly explain about acoustic curtains or sound blocking curtains that will be suitable for home use. Well, you surely need to distinct the differences between soundproof curtains for home and industrial uses. It goes without saying that acoustic window treatments for home use will be less “heavy duty” than ones for industrial use. In short, all you need is a mean to help you rest and sleep in quiet without disturbing sound or light to distract and lower the quality of your sleep.

In general, you can follow two steps in reducing or even blocking noises by using acoustic curtains. The first one is by choosing drapes that are heavy weight. Do you know that hanging drapes twice as heavy as regular ones will help reducing noises up to three times? The second step is by opting for pleated curtains or drapes. Compared to flat curtains in same weight—even if you already use the heavy ones—pleated ones will double and even triple the noise reduction.

In short, you can conclude that the appropriate and fully functional acoustic curtains are ones that are heavy in weight AND much wider than necessary. Remember that the curtains or drapes definitely need to be pleated or full, even when they are used to cover your windows thoroughly. The fullness is not only for when they are pulled back. By doing those steps, you can even get up to nine times noise reduction!

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