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Guide to Buying Diamond Jewellery For the First Time!

No matter what the occasion is, the piece of diamond jewellery will always make it memorable. Be it big or small, even the simplest design will add more love to the relationship. However, not every person has good taste in picking up jewellery and when it comes to diamonds people tend to goof up. Hence, it is best to be thorough with two things. Firstly, what kind of jewellery does the person like. And secondly, are you looking at the right piece of jewellery. While it is slightly easy to find out what does a person likes or dislikes, it is the second part that one will struggle with.

Here are some steps to help you pick good diamond jewellery:

#1. What kind of jewellery?

The first thing you need to decide on is what kind of jewellery you wish to buy. Be it a ring or a necklace, until you decide on a piece, you will never be able to choose a good one. So, you need to know what the person is heavily into. Would she or he like a ring or a bracelet or studs? Do a little observation to know and start learning about the availability of the different types of diamond jewellery in online as well as in regular store.

#2. What metal should the jewellery have?

Gone are the days when people would have only gold for their diamond jewellery. There are ample metals like platinum, rose gold etc. which people would love to have in their jewellery. See if the person you want to gift is interested in such unique metals. Additionally, you must inquire if the person is allergic to any such metals. If not, you can safely look out for options. But, in case of skin allergies, your options might get narrowed down and then you will have to look out for alternatives.

#3. What should be the pattern?

Once the kind of metal and jewellery piece is confirmed, you can begin with your actual search for designs. Right from antique and elaborate works to the unique and modern designs, you will find a huge variety. Check online for latest designs that are trending in the fashion industry. If the person you are gifting the diamond jewellery is fashion conscious, you should be specifically looking out for the trends. You can also think out of the box and go for customized designs that would bring out the cut and shape of the diamond better.

#4. How should the diamond be?

Diamond Jewellery

Diamond Jewellery

Since it is diamond jewellery that you will be investing in, you will have to research about the diamond as well. Make sure you know if the diamond has right cut, clarity, carat, and shape. Additionally, you will have to know if the diamond is certified. Without the certification, you should not think of buying the piece of jewellery. There are people who get carried away with give a bogus certificate and end up paying the original price of a diamond. So, one has to be very sure about the place from where he buys the jewellery.

If you are careful about these basic things, you will not feel any issue finding a good piece of diamond jewellery. Do not hesitate to ask for help from a person who has a better understanding of jewellery and accessories. It is all about studying the personality of the person and choosing the best gift. Make sure you take your time to study the diamonds a bit and then buy a piece. So, if you are planning a surprise, you need to plan it well in advance so that it turns out to be the best.


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