From Great to Extraordinary: Corporate Team Building Tips

We can freely consider team building activities as an essential part of the contemporary business world. It drives employees to work better and boosts productivity. It allows for a firmer and collegial bond among the workers.

Over time, the activities have evolved and now there is a wide variety of options for organising a team building event. Before, employers were desperate with fewer choices so the most common activity was paintball. Nowadays, it’s hard to choose from such a wide selection. That is the reason you could use some of these tips for corporate team building.

Define the budget

Every company must plan its financials, so make sure you include team building activities among the expenses. The funds you dedicate to this item will define what type of event it will be. If you can spend a considerable amount of money, then definitely opt for a big event. This can include a company convention event with special activities and after party.

Or you can take all your employees on the trip. Those with modest funds are not going to be loved less by their employees. It’s all about creating a positive company culture and mutual relations between employees. So plan ahead and work on the team building budget in time.

Choose something for everyone

Your business certainly includes people of all ages and their interest may differ. Although you can’t fulfill everyone’s wishes, you can certainly create conditions for them to enjoy. For example, it’s tricky when it comes to sports activities since not all people are physically fit for the challenge. Instead of letting them fend for themselves, put an effort to turn this event into unforgettable moments for them.

Prepare cheering materials, like caps, shirts and small flags. You can also provide the means to create their own messages on banners or posters. This will give them a chance to actively participate in the competitions and games you organize.  

Make it fun and interesting

It’s all about fun. If you see your employees laughing and enjoying some positive chatter that means that you have succeeded. Interesting events will certainly keep everyone involved and participating. Even something like movie night can be entertaining.  

Games are an excellent choice, too. There is the variety you can play indoors and outdoors. They are also not that expensive so you can organise them more often. You can make it more exciting if you change the games every time, so everyone’s interest would have its turn. 

Hire professionals

If you lack ideas, there is always an option to hire professionals. This is an especially valuable choice for parties since the last thing you want is to burden your employees with responsibilities. Since food and drinks are crucial, rent a mobile bar and hire a catering service.

This way you will cover the basics, while you can give a chance to the musically inclined colleagues to perform. Although when it comes to parties you might want to create a lavish event, take into consideration that team building should be more relaxing and down to earth.  

Promote informal setting

Forget titles during team building events. You’ll still be their superior tomorrow or have a PhD. Create an atmosphere where people can come and talk to you. Post writing at the door, like “No business talk allowed!” and create a more informal environment where people can know each other.

If you create conditions for all employees to feel equal no matter the titles they have in your company you will remove stress. A nice solution is to have them create their own name tags which have fun titles on them like “Hogwarts Vice-principle.”

Don’t think too much if you should organise team building, but rather use that effort to find as many ideas as you can. Remember, it’s all about creating a positive company culture, having fun and welcoming atmosphere.


Cate Palmer

Cate is a designer by day and a writer by night. Her fields of expertise could be summed up to interior design, architecture, and art related topics. Her interests are, on the other hand, wide and ever-evolving. These days Cate is quite passionate about design trends that will take over, sustainable furniture and dark chocolate.

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