Gender Divide Has Never Been Thinner: Androgynous Fashion Tips For Beginners

The world is changing hastily. Subjects like gay and transgender freedom are issues that need to be addressed at family meetings or on the platforms of some politicians. Today, our culture has embraced those people who choose to express themselves by cross-dressing in our society.

Androgynous fashion has built its name before and is becoming a new trend today. It is a  fusion of both masculine and feminine look. It is a gender neutral clothing that creates no boundary between male and female sexualities.

The most significant thing you should keep in mind is to select pieces that uplift your spirits. If you are curious about an androgynous look, you can play on some masculine characteristics. Discover some tips on having an androgynous look by following our guide. So keep reading!

Dressing Androgynously For Women

Trendy Boyfriend Jeans

Wearing boyfriend jeans does not only allow you to have a casual and manly look to your attire, but it also gives you that comfortable and cozy feeling. It is not a trend anymore because it became part of our lifestyle.

You can mix some girly pieces if you want to have a dose of a tomboyish and surprising look. Pair it with a killer stilettos or ankle booties to add a feminine side to your look.

A Blazing Blazer

A blazer is an excellent piece of clothing that can accommodate any style you want. It comes in a gamut of designs and cuts from diverse materials so that you have lots of styles to play with.

You can wear an androgynous blazer for both masculine or a feminine look. It is a great way of adding a style to your basic pieces. It is perfect for printed or plain top with boots and pants with neutral colors.

A Versatile Sweater

A sweater is one of the most flexible pieces of clothing that can be casual and chic. It gives you a classy appearance to your outfit paired with different accessories.   

You can pair it with khaki pants and boat shoes. Additionally, you can pair it with skinny jeans, a beanie and a pair of riding boots. Choose those sweaters with a leaner and longer cut to make the fit better.

Oversized Shirt

Styling an oversized shirt will help you borrow a style from the men’s side. It is all about swag and a bit of accessorizing so that you can achieve a masculine look while retaining femininity.

You can pair an oversized shirt with leggings because it will make you feel stylish and edgy. You can also pair it with a high waisted skirt by tucking in your tee. The skirt will also feature your waist by slimming the shirt in the proper spot.

Dressing Androgynously For Men

Fitting Skinny Jeans

It is a type of pants with tight-fitting narrow legs. Skinny jeans attempt to give you a cleaner and more refined presence. Pair it with a cardigan over a tee and your everyday sneakers that will provide you with an androgynous look.

Skinny pants are not only for women. It’s also becoming a favorite wardrobe staple among men. It offers a slim fit trouser with every fabric available, budget, and shape.

Cool Harem Trousers

Harem trousers are long and baggy pants with a tight fit at the ankle and a limited skirt around the waist. It is a fresh design that accompanies edge and comes off with both masculine and feminine approach.

Its significant trademark is a drop crotch pant. You can pair it with an appropriate button-down shirt or a surprising hoodie. Choose those designs that are sleek and simple because it will never be ordinary and boring.

Fitted Tailored Tops

If you want to have an androgynous look, then loose shirts are not right for you. Having a perfect fitted tailored top makes all the difference. Nowadays, a perfect fit top represents success and power. Pair it with your favorite jeans and a cool canvas shoes or oxford shoes.

Floral Pants

If you do not want to have a splash of colorful flower on top, you can always choose to give your lower half the treatment. It is a standout piece of many summer collections that will provide you with a fun and unique look. French Connection for instance, offers a variety of good floral clothing items that you swat.

Finish your look with ties, hats, and footwear that gives a contrast effect in your look. Remember to have one print per look to prevent from overkilling. Layer some simple jacket or cotton knit to provide a witty contrast against solid colors.


Androgynous fashion does not put you into categories. It does not have any assumptions. It disregards what traditional men and women should look like because it allows you to have both masculine and feminine characteristics. Women should have a boyfriend jeans, blazer, an oversized shirt, and sweater to dress androgynously. On the other hand, a man’s wardrobe should have skinny jeans, harem trousers, fitted tailored tops, and floral pants to dress androgynously.


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