Follow the Safety Instructions for a Hassle Free Concrete Saw Cutting

In order to ensure that you have a hassle and injury free concrete saw cutting safety instructions need to be followed and proper precautionary measure to be taken prior to and during the process. Whether it is a demo saw or any other, it is certain to hit some other material such as a piece of rebar during the cutting process. This will damage the saw as it will flip and even kick back probably causing damage to you in the process. Though it is very frightening when such a thing happens, it is not deadly and can be surely prevented with a little care and concern.

Wearing the proper PPE is therefore imperative and wise to be ready with such unexpected situations and hazards. The PPE list should include a face shield apart from safety glasses and face masks so that when a saw flips it does not catch your neck or face or any vital points of your body resulting in a catastrophe. Using a quality respirator is also necessary to deal with the dust generated.

The Safety Instructions

Therefore, to prevent flipping of the saw or breaking and flying loose of the brittle concrete pieces during dry concrete saw cutting you must follow the concrete saw safety instructions properly and carefully. The safety tips include:

  • Reading manufacturer warnings and using it as per instructions only.
  • Following safe lifting practices during loading and unloading of the concrete saws
  • Wearing proper Personal Protective Equipment that includes hard helmet, eye and ear protectors, respirator or dust mask, gloves, protective boots and chaps
  • Avoiding loose clothing or jewellery that can easily get caught up in the saw while you are working
  • Using grounded outlet only and keep others at safe distance.

Usage Tips

In order to use the tool safely during concrete saw cutting follow the following tips:

  • Use the right type of concrete saw.
  • Check the service fluids in the saw before using.
  • If it is gas powered make sure that you mix the fuel with oil just as prescribed by the manufacturer.
  • Make sure that the lubrication on the chain and guide bar are perfect along with the tension as desired.
  • Use the accurate blade or chain and be sure never to use worn out or damaged blades.
  • Never operate concrete saw cutting without proper guards and make sure that the surface is level holding it firmly but do not apply excessive pressure while cutting.
  • Use good amount of water to prevent hydroplaning and extra slurry.

Prevent Personal Injuries

Apart from taking care of the saw, it is also important that you prevent the scope for any personal injuries during the concrete saw cutting process. As a thumb rule you must never saw too deep and hasten during the cutting process. These processes should be done in calm state of mind with proper equipment and protective gear to minimalize any chances of a mishap. There are few other tips and ways to follow apart from wearing the proper safety gear and these are:

  • You must always make sure that you saw in a straight line. It is also required to make sure that the saw pointer is perfectly aligned with the saw blade.
  • For safety reasons you should use a common garden hose to ensure a steady flow of water to the saw during the entire concrete saw cutting process. This will prevent any pieces from tossing up in the air damaging your eyes.
  • Always keep the blade away and rise from the ground and always run the engine of the blade at half throttle for some time before switching over to full throttle.
  • Be slow and cautious during the entire process and bring the blade down slowly so that proper cut is ensured.

Always be careful while using the saw and if it stalls take it out and put it back again but never force it in.


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