Foam Cladding Comes To Your Rescue

Foam Cladding Comes To Your Rescue

Maintenance of our homes can be a real pain at times. We want everything with a perfect blend of beauty and strength. Foam cladding does it perfectly for you. Just get these panels installed and experience the unexpected.

Cladding refers to components attached on the external surface of buildings. They do not play any significant role in the stability of the building. Though, they help in the transfer of various kinds of load on the structure. These loads include wind load which plays a major role in the design of buildings. Winds develop a pressure near the surface which is borne by the cladding. Cladding gives the buildings a nice look as well and one can choose from a variety of available options.

The various kinds of cladding available in the market are:

  • Curtain Walling
  • Sandwich panels
  • Timber cladding
  • Metal cladding
  • Foam Cladding

Before selecting the nature of cladding, one has to keep the following points in mind:

  • Use of The Building: Ascertaining the use of the building is a decisive factor while selecting the nature of cladding. Apartments and industries both require different types of cladding.
  • Environmental Conditions of That Place: The environmental conditions of the region should be known as different types of cladding are suitable for different weather conditions.
  • Economy: Before selecting the nature of cladding, a person should decide how much he is willing to spend. Some types cost more than the others. One should be well aware of his budget.
  • Appearance: Different types of cladding give a different appearance. A person should select one that is pleasing to the eye and provide all the major advantages.
  • Structural Constraints: In a building, there are certain constraints that need to be kept in mind while selecting the right type of cladding.
Foam Cladding

Foam Cladding

What Is Foam Cladding?

We have many kinds of cladding available in the market. One of the most sought after is exceptional foam cladding. It’s a type of cladding made from special type of foam. These types of claddings come in panels of different sizes and thickness. This ensures that they can be used in different types of buildings.

Foams used in this type of cladding are of two types:

  • Expanded polystyrene (EPS)
  • Extruded polystyrene (XPS)

The cladding is mostly available in frames and can be directly attached to the structure of the building. With the recent advancement in technology, cladding systems have now come with additional included components like doors and windows.

Why Exceptional Foam Cladding?

Exceptional Foam cladding comes with a lot of advantages over the other types of cladding available in the market. It has a high demand in the market because of the following reasons.

  • Easy, Simple and Quick Installation: It saves a lot of time and money while installing. If you do a little online research, you could install it yourself.
  • Weather Resistant: It’s weather resistant which considerably increases the life of the structure. Longer life means more saving.
  • No Major Cracking: Being resistant to undulation in weather, no major cracking is observed in exceptional foam cladding.
  • Non-Toxic: It’s nature-friendly and does not pose any health issue.
  • Excellent Insulator: Being a good insulator, it maintains the temperature of your house to the optimum. It keeps your house cooler in summers in warmer in winters. This ensures a reduction in electricity bill.
  • Safety and Security: Foam cladding provides safety and security to the occupants of the house.

External foam cladding enhances the visual appeal of the buildings. These kinds of cladding can be rendered afterward which gives you a variety of options. It provides a wide variety of choices to make from. That’s why it is often referred to as “foam cladding”.


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