Five Tips For Repurposing Your Content Into Motion Graphic Videos

Verbal or non-verbal, content is a great resource to connect with the targeted audience, increase the SEO adaptability, and disperse your business ideas, efficiently. However, today the landscape is highly crowded on both online and offline. Besides, the only key to success is creating original content. The best way to share your content is to re-purpose it.

In today’s fast-paced world, people prefer the highlights or the more significant information than the entire description of the content. People are more inclined towards motion pictures. The best graphic designers do that for us. They edit the content, to most precise words and add their magic of creativity to help us grasp the most important information. In addition, the most comfortable part about motion graphic videos is that it also shuns the hassle of reading the entire data.

If you stand out in your industry, take a step ahead and repurpose your elongated verbal data to a short motion graphics video. On the other hand, if you look forward to engaging a wider base of an audience than you should repackage and improvise your graphic videos.

Choose The Content

Choose the relevant content to work on. Besides, that relevancy could vary. Your content should be something that the audience could respond to, all the time. It should not be merely a trend. However, if you already have the older content that performs well in analytics, you can tweak that content to optimize greater. Suppose if you share a content to find the best graphic designer, turn it into a quick tutorial video, and share it with your audience.

If you are sharing your ideas across B2B and B2C both, then do not just transform text into graphics. Use your creativity and show your content in excitingly new ways. Make it more interactive. Your aim should also be directing your viewers to the main article. Lead them to your official website or E-book, where additional information is located. Hence, leave a little mystery at the end.

Graphics Is The Game

Graphics binds the audience with its creativity. It is a great factor in appreciating the content, as well. As sometimes, graphics can explain concepts simpler than what words could. If you think that designing your script exactly as the content for articles will be the best way, then maybe you are killing the purpose of videos. The key to making quality content is by becoming action-oriented than the information-oriented. You need to pull the information in a creative way and present it better to stand out. Over and above, you might also consider writing a full sentence; but do not let it become an overkill.

Voiceover to your videos is an incredible way to share information. Audiences too, connect with a human voice better than just pictures. Hence, consider adding background voice for explaining and use the verbal content as least as possible. You should think of delivering a presentation onscreen where one or two words on the screen or the non-verbal information are plenty. Ask your best graphic designer to consider picturing the diagrams, figures, or flowcharts to tee up your content rather than the actual data you want to speak.

Transcribe Your Videos

The simplest method to get on track is to convert your textual data into video format. Once you are done, try transcribing your videos to shorter clips, and make sure it still holds the meaning. Transcribing your videos comes with various benefits. It will make your videos, more search-friendly, as Google mainly indexes the closed captions.

Due to great SEO adaptability and analytics, your posts can end up doing very well in the search results. It will not just leverage your business but also it will inspire you and many others you contribute to similar work. Educating your customers can benefit more than engaging with them. Your conversion rates elevate and so does the ideas.

Make It ‘Short And Sweet’

Social media is not just for your dear ones, now, but also for businesses to attract potential customers and generate a wider audience. It has become a great tool to share your content and turn your audience into customers. Hence, make it short according to the platform and use appropriate length, format, and topics.

Breaking a video and simplifying it to a shorter length, is always preferred. B2C content should be concise, precise, and easy to understand. Thus, it also becomes shareable. On the other hand, B2B customers favour informative content over interactive.

Moreover, shortening the length of the videos helps your audience to interact well. They need not view the entire information, but they can select the particular information they require to know. Hence, breaking your videos into shorter clips it customizes your platform as well. If you wonder, what should be the optimum and minimum length of the videos on YouTube? It is around 10 times longer than Facebook viz. 14.5 minutes.

Where Should It Be?

When you share your videos on the social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you must know that only shorter videos entertain the viewers. While you can share the pathway to your business website so that viewers can watch the entire video. With this, you can also receive more views and better engagement if you upload it relatively on each social platform.

Most importantly, make sure you leverage the video before sending it into the production. It can make or break your selective audience.

You can also use the transcription to add subtitles to your videos. The version with the subtitles will perform better in situations where you want to loop your videos, trade shows or show your videos to prospects. In contrast, it will reach out to a maximum number of audiences due to subtitles alone.

Videos are one of the best forms of content and re-purposing them could be in various ways. You can be creative or informative, depending on the audience. Now you can improve your business profile, Company’s business profile, and distribution as well.

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