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Abaya is the symbol of the charm and elegance of Saudi and Gulf women, so she is always looking for the stylish and comfortable abayas that suits her at all occasions, provided that she is distinguished by luxury and the finest details in line with the latest fashion lines. Choose Wholesale Casual Abayas according to the occasion

In order to summarize your journey, we offer you three basic tips for choosing the right abayah.

Stay away from adornment exaggeration

Embroidery and crystal may be an elegant choice for your evening or visitation, but they are not suitable for your work and permanence. Excessive adornment may hinder your movement and hassle when you spend everyday tasks. We recommend that you choose a mantle with simple, soft embroidery that is only visible on the sleeves.

Do not hesitate to choose the right material

Before choosing the Abayas make sure you are choosing Comfortable and Classy Casual Abayas which is made of good material.

Abaya Evening: Always choose the gowns that are decorated and embroidered with the stems to be wide and comfortable, because you will definitely wear under your evening dress, so make your choice of them in a prominent and comfortable appearance.

Abaya Work: The best designs of work gowns are those that are elegant, formal, and have colours and quiet discussions that are not overpriced, dominated by luxury, and details that overwhelm their appearance with the choice of soft and comfortable fabrics.

Abaya Shopping: To have a great look for shopping, choose a simple, thin gown with a variety of black lace or cooled edges, so you can change your look every time, with the bag and shoes renewed to be striking and proportionate.

Abaya Travel: Choose the colourful pastels in pink, light blue, gray and beige, as well as embellishments to embellish your beauty and elegance when you travel and get out of the black abaya frame.

When you go to your occasions with friends and gather in a restaurant, you are distinguished by a cloak decorated with bright and colorful fabrics that give you a unique and beautiful beauty, so choose the gowns rich in fine details to show you in full style.

How do you choose the correct Abaya?

Choose the appropriate abaya for your body shape, as follows:

Rectangle Body: Avoid the tight black gowns, choose the colour fabrics, and the multilayered, multilayered designs, especially for the fine textures. The “full” will depart from the embossed layers and fabrics.

Hourglass Body: You can wear a variety of designs, you have an ideal body. The most beautiful features of your beauty are the gowns and belts, decorated from the middle.

Pearly Body: Choose gowns with wide flowing fabrics to hide the fullness of the lower area. Stay away from engravings and choose gowns with distinctive designs on sleeves and chest. Always choose the abayah with a high degree of blackness and prominence; it represents the secret elegance and beauty of the abaya and its unique charm.

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