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Features of a Good Birdhouse – Give a Bird a Home!

A birdhouse is a great way to attract birds to your garden but building a really good one isn’t as straightforward as you might think. This infographic from Capital Garden Services takes you through how to build the perfect birdhouse to keep the birds happy and the predators away.

If you are building a birdhouse, it’s important to build a good one. For a start make sure to use untreated wood such as cedar or pine. Other things like adding a sloped roof to keep out the heavy rain and thwart predators is another essential part of a birdhouse.

Common birdhouse predators include chipmunks, raccoons and cats so care must be taken to ensure that they can’t reach the birdhouse. For example, cats are excellent jumpers and will be able to leap to the top of a birdhouse if is located too near a tree.

If you don’t want to build a birdhouse, there are other things you can do to attract birds such as placing feeders in your garden so the neighbourhood birds have plenty to eat and love making a visit! Find out more in the infographic.


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