Exercise Induced Asthma Symptoms, Preventions And Treatments

Have you ever heard about exercise induced asthma? It is asthma disease triggered by physical exertion, prolonged exercise or vigorous exercise. If you have chronic asthma, you usually experience certain symptoms of asthma when you do exercise. So, you will be difficult to breathe. Of course, it is very annoying especially if you often do hard daily activities related to working, studying, etc. So, it is very important to know more about this condition so that you know what to do if you experience this.

The Symptoms of Exercise Induced Asthma

In the normal breathing, you take the air from the nose and it feels warm. It is different when you do exercise where you sometimes take breathe from the mouth. It creates the colder & drier air. It causes exercise induced asthma symptoms. There are many symptoms that you can see. The symptoms usually happen around five to twenty minutes after you start doing exercise. Sometimes, it also happens about five to 10 minutes after a short exercise stops.

One of the most common symptoms is coughing with asthma. Besides that, tightening of your chest also becomes one of the possible symptoms. Then, you may also experience wheezing. You also have to be careful if unusual fatigue happens when doing exercise. The clearest symptom is shortness of breathing when you do exercise. Those are the common symptoms usually happen. However, asthma can suddenly happen without any symptom above. Anyway, if you experience one of the symptoms above, you need to meet your doctor. You have to check your health condition wholly whether you have asthma or not. So, you can treat it as soon as possible before something worse happens.

Should I Avoid Exercise if You Have Asthma?

If you have asthma, of course you have to be careful in doing activities. If you do exercise, the symptoms may suddenly happen. So, if you have exercise induced asthma, are you allowed to do exercise? It is one of the most common questions arises. The answer is that you should not avoid exercise or other physical activities. There are many ways to prevent asthma symptoms so that you can still do your daily physical activities normally. In fact, there are many athletes who have asthma but they still keep their professions.

Can I Prevent Exercise Induced Asthma?

There are many methods of exercise induce asthma prevention. In this case, bronchodilators or asthma inhalers become the most prioritized methods to control and even prevent asthma symptoms. You can also consider asthma medication such as albuterol. If you take this about 10 before doing exercise, you can do exercise safely. There is also good method. That s inhaled cromolyn sodium. To prevent asthma, you also need to take this about 15 or 20 before you do exercise. In addition, you cannot forget to do warming up and cooling down before & after exercise.

Best Exercises for People with Asthma

Even though you can prevent asthma symptoms, it does not mean that you can do any physical exercise freely. You have to know the best exercises to do if you have asthma. Some well tolerated exercises include activities which involve short and intermittent periods of exertion. For examples are wrestling, walking, baseball, gymnastic, and volleyball. On the other hand, activities with long period of exertion are less tolerated such as field hockey, basketball, running, and football. Besides, you also need to limit cold weather sports such as ice skating, skiing, and ice hockey. On the contrary, activities performed in a warm environment like swimming is better tolerated.

Preventing and Treating Exercise Induced Asthma

Besides preventing, you also need to know about exercise induced asthma treatment. There are many tips that you need to know. The first is to always use pre-exercise inhaled drug before you begin exercise. Then, you also need to perform warming up before doing exercise to prevent. In the end, do not forget to perform cooling down.

If it is in a cold weather, you should exercise indoor. If needed, you must wear a scarf or mask over your mouth and nose. Next, you need to avoid outdoor exercise if the air pollution is high. If you have infection, you must restrict your exercise. Lastly, you can prevent exercise induced asthma by doing exercise that is appropriate for you.

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