Everything You Need to Know About the Walbro 460 Fuel Pump

For the modern car enthusiasts who are looking for the best turbocharger experience for their vehicles, the Walbro 460 Fuel Pump offers an excellent choice to give their car the top-quality efficiency it deserves. The 460 model specifically provides the ability to withstand higher pressure compared to the older generation models, before the valve can open. This allows higher buildup of power supplied by the turbocharger which produces higher power output for the vehicle. The Walbro 460 offers a high performance and E85 compatible, compact fuel pump option. This fuel pump is generally compatible with Nissan Skyline, Subaru WRX, Silvia and 180sx.

Notable Features of the Model

The Walbro 460 Fuel Pump comes with the following features which helps it in standing out in the Fuel pump market.

  • The model comes with an award-winning of technology which helps it in providing far better performance compared to other current generation fuel pumps. It is equipped with the groundbreaking, dual, parallel twin blades technology which helps it in providing increased performance, especially in high demand engines.
  • The 460 model also comes with full compatibility with the E85 fuel type, making it compatible with all modern-day engines and newer fuel types of different capacities and types.
  • The fuel pump also supports use with 500HP and above rated engines running on E85 fuel. It normally flows over 600hp and if you work under 500hp then walbro gss341 is suitable.
  • Finally, it comes packed with a universal installation kit, which comes with the required electrical connectors which helps in easy setting up of the device.
  • The fuel pump operates at a pressure range of 35psi to 120psi, making it ideal to be used with most modern turbochargers.
  • This fuel pump is less noisy than others and provides better efficiency than conventional fuels pumps like Bosch123.
  • The 460 model can supply fuel at both 12.0 and 13.5 Volts, depending on the power requirements of the engine and vehicle.


The Walbro 460 Fuel Pump comes with some significant advantages which makes it more preferred choice among majority of motorsports enthusiasts.

  • They provide significantly higher flow rates for a pressure range, when compared to other similarly categorized fuel pumps. This makes them more efficient and also more economical to use, with less wastage of energy. The difference is so marked, that a Walbro 460 model can outperform a comparable fuel pump in the same range by as much as 40%-50%.
  • The twin turbine type pumps such as the Walbro 460 Fuel Pump, are designed supply the fuel via twin blades. This ensures that they do not pulsate like earlier fuel tanks, and therefore they are much quieter.
  • It provides improved performance with newer and healthier fuels such as ethanol and other bio fuels, which are typically more demanding than traditional unleaded fuel. This makes it a better choice in modern cars compared to earlier models of fuel pumps.
  • It is designed to provide optimum performance under high temperatures; this helps them in performing under increased power.


The Walbro 460 Fuel pump is priced variedly depending on the seller and the location it is being bought from. In general, it is priced in the range of 170$-190$. It is competitively priced in its range and provides greater performance than other fuel pumps in its price range.


The field of car tuning is a very competitive one, and the market of Fuel pumps is very saturated with quality products from different manufacturers. However, the Walbro 460 fuel pump outshines all of them, making it by far the most popular option in the average car enthusiast community. It provides by far the best performance in the 500-1000HP engine range and provides the lowest amperage statistics among similar fuel pumps. It is in very competitive pricing is yet another feature which attracts to its attractiveness.


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