Ensuring Quality With UL Certified Chandeliers!!!

When I was looking for a good light fixture for my new house, I came across the term UL Certified’. I was like what’s all this talk about the UL Certified vintage chandeliers and why everyone is in favour of such light fixtures. I was naive at that time and I used to think that the one who has to install the fixture in my home has to use parts and wiring with UL marks and that’s enough.

You must know that as per the National Electrical Code Book, all the electrical light fixtures that anyone would install in his/her home should be certified by an independent testing laboratory. The light fixtures that are included in this are lanterns, wall sconces, chandeliers, task lightings that are connected to the house and recessed ceiling fixtures. Although, there are various testing laboratories across the UK, but the one you need is Underwriters Laboratory or you can call it UL.

Usually the builders insist on installing the light fixtures which have a UL mark for the sake of quality and longevity. I have noticed the UL mark everywhere on dryers, blenders, toasters, and on every other product in my house. It’s a gold sticker or shiny silver one and you can easily spot it. The reason why the builders suggest installing UL certified chandeliers is that these are usually asked by the county inspectors. The vintage and antique lighting fixtures won’t be having UL certified marks because they were manufactured much before the establishment of the existing standards of the lighting products.

But, the fact is that very antique chandeliers are not usually unsafe even if they are not having any UL mark on them. You can think on your own, that they have survived many years from 50-100 with grace and they are still going strong, so you can’t doubt on their safety and they would definitely stay there even when your kids will get married. Obviously, the antique chandeliers cost high, but they are providing an amazing quality in return of that. For maintaining your antique chandelier all you need is Superior chandelier cleaning service and that’s it.

So, whatever chandelier you have, like an old European, you can expect it to be with you more than a lifetime. But, yes some maintenance work should be done, such as the old sockets are required to be changed, the frayed, brittle and old wires are required to be replaced and the hardware used to hang the chandelier should be as per the electrical box that you are using. For the UL mark, the lighting fixture is also needed to be grounded. Many other requirements are there, which you need to consider while installing a light fixture.

For chandelier cleaning and maintenance work, you would need the help of an expert, as they have the basic skills required to get the lighting fixture ready for installation. You must remember that there are very few who can certify the fixture and even certain the certification which is usually needed by the inspectors. Sometimes when you are carrying out a private home construction project, then the requirement of certification is not enforced in a well manner. But, during the construction of a private club, restaurant, multi-family buildings, the certification is rarely waived. That’s why you should talk to the electrician or a light fixture expert who can provide you a better review and knowledge about this.

The experts at Classical Chandeliers are highly professional and have deep knowledge about all this. You can call them anytime for help while installing any chandelier, for maintenance work and even for chandelier cleaning. They know that not just the style, but the quality of the light fixture you are installing in your home is important in order to keep your home safe and your fixture intact and in good condition for years. Thus, they always provide a genuine advice to the customers and let them enjoy quality and a striking design simultaneously.

If you want to buy a chandelier, then also Classical Chandeliers can be your destination, as here you’d find some conventional and contemporary designs which are capable of updating the aura of any home.

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