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Why Engineered Wood Flooring is More Relevant?

While seeking suggestions for the most contemporary flooring style which will serve you for a lifetime, and cost reasonable, you would get a few suggestions, out of which the recommendations for engineered wood would definitely be one. Snugly fitting into a low to moderate budget, and giving you all the comforts of hardwood flooring while eliminating some odds of real hardwood, this new engineered wood flooring style is gaining popularity steeply.

What is Engineered Hardwood? 

Engineered hardwood is made of several layers of plywood and mixed wood sheets with the top and bottom layers made of hardwood sheet. The top layer is made of hardwood to withstand all forces and traffic, and elements of nature. The bottom layer is made of hardwood sheet again to render hardness to the base. The inner layers are made from a fusion of different types of hardwood and plywood and they are fused with strong heat, glue and pressure. The fused inner layer prevents the wood from reacting to moisture and temperature unlike solid hardwood floors.

Engineered hardwood comes as planks and tiles of various dimensions, color, texture, finish and thickness. They are used for different types of flooring.

How Much Do They Cost? 

The costing of engineered flooring depends on the type of color, texture and thickness of the planks you choose. The thicker the plank the higher would be the cost. Engineered wood floor planks and tiles are cheaper than exotic quality hardwood floor planks, but costs higher than cheap quality hardwood planks.

How Does Engineered Wood Floor Look and Feel Like? 

Engineered wood floor looks like hardwood floor only, and the feeling to touch and walking is also the same. The difference is not really in the look or feel. It’s soft and gentle on feet, and your feet won’t get tired as it happens with tiles and vinyl.

How are the Engineered Floors Installed?

Installation of engineered floors can be done in three ways generally. Either they are glued to the subfloor, or nailed to the subfloor, or the planks are joined through interlocking to form a floating floor. The former two ways make the planks stay in contact with the subfloor, while floating floor keeps a gap between the planks and the subfloor. Installation is easy and takes less time than hardwood floor installation. You can start using the floor immediately after it’s installed.

Maintenance of Engineered Floor 

Maintenance of engineered flooring is much normal and of standard style. A regular sweeping and mopping keeps it clean and fresh. You should not allow dust and grease to build up as dirt by daily cleaning. Also, you should not allow any kind of liquid spill to stand on the floor for long, as wooden floors get damaged by water.

Engineered floors can be re-surfaced and polished, however that’s not needed frequently. You may have to polish it only once or twice in your lifetime.

Benefits of Engineered Flooring

  • Engineered floor planks are made to stay generally non-reactive with humidity and temperature. Hence the floor does not shrink or expand much with the climate changes.
  • They cost reasonable and fits in a low budget too.
  • They can be installed by DIY if you choose to install a floating floor.
  • They are processed to make termite proof
  • They are highly durable, and as good as hardwood floors, and hence last for years.
  • You may choose from many color and texture options to suit your interiors.
  • You can install them on concrete and basements and bathrooms too if conditions are right.
  • Helps bring on a contemporary, rustic and classy look.

Hence the choice of engineered floor installation would be a right and wise one to enjoy years of wood flooring advantages without the hitches that comes with solid hardwood flooring.


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