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Energy-Saving Technology: Using Solar Panels as a Home Improvement Strategy

Between cooling and heating your home, watering your lawn and fueling your car, energy costs are very significant when it comes to expenses that many of us face during our annual and monthly basis. Thankfully, there are lots of ways that you can use to reduce both of your recurring energy costs and carbon footprint costs.

Most of them are very simple that you only need your common sense. You don’t have to undergo significant changes, installation, construction, or having huge expenses. In fact, there are lots of ways that you can use to save some energy at your home.

These are the following tips in using solar panels as a home improvement strategy.

Install a Solar Array

Photovoltaic cells or solar panels, are one of the best and easiest ways to lower your electricity expenses and reduce pollution (if you have enough money to spend). The initial cost or the average cost of this installation is around $20,000.

For example, a family in New York states that they spend almost $32,000 for a solar array and they receive a 30% federal rebate on their expenses in addition to a $10,000 rebate through the Development Authority and New York State Energy Research. Between state incentives and federal, the overall cost of the solar energy will go up to $5,400 for that particular family.

Install a Wind Generator

When you think about wind generators, one of the first thing that comes to your mind is likely the enormous windswept plains of the western part of the United States and the windmill farms found in offshore. But do you know that you can buy a smaller version of these massive generators?

The costs of this home wind generator fluctuate incredibly. Some homeowners even build their generators by using the off-the-shelf parts from the local hardware stores. Others paid for professional installation or purchased kits to supplement the power obtained from their electrical grid.

The production power and capability of a home wind generator always varies about the initial expenses and price. Many kit generators will only produce enough power for about 10-15% of your total energy costs. Other generators who are more expensive cost up to 50,000 dollars to purchase but can compensate for almost 90% of your energy needs.

Install a Rainwater Harvesting System

Rain collector systems are straightforward and handy mechanical systems that connect to your gutter system. The stored rainwater in a barrel and rooftop water collection network is for flushing toilets, watering plants, and irrigation.

These kind of systems are very inexpensive if you assemble and purchase the rain collection equipment yourself. You can shave off hundreds of dollars if you seek help from a contractor to install the rain collection system. But if you are not satisfied with your tool, you can always purchase to stores like GStore.

Install a Solar Water Heater

It is not always necessary to have and install a complete solar system to achieve some benefits of the solar technology. Installing a water heater can also be a great help to cut down your energy costs at a lower expense.

The associated costs with the installation of a new solar heater are faster than the associated costs with photovoltaic technology. It happens due to the increasing efficiency of solar heating systems, and their diminished cost against the substantial solar powered cluster required for fueling a home.

Insulate your House

According to the EPA estimation, almost 10% of the household energy currency or around $300 a year is due to the energy loss from a poor insulation. As a do-it-yourself project or a program for your contractor, you will get an exceptional return on investment by sealing your own home to prevent some energy escape.

Install an Energy Monitor

One of the easiest ways to decrease your energy consumption is to install energy monitor. Energy monitors are very easy to use and inexpensive. It allows you to see every single minute presentation of your energy usage. These tools will work by clipping it to the power cable to your home and will automatically transmit a signal to display that shows the amount of power your household consumes.


There are lots of ways to reduce your annual energy costs. Most of them are practical methods that you can quickly do, while others are expensive and high-tech, but will help you create significant savings. It is essential to realize that you’re making some changes to your home by following the tips and knowledge discussed above.


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