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Down to the Basics: Easy Ways to Boost Home Security

As a homeowner, one of your highest priorities is protecting your home, belongings and family from intruders and thieves. The good old days of leaving your front door wide open with nothing but a cheap screen door to keep the bugs out are long gone. In today’s social climate—especially in high-crime neighborhoods—you cannot take chances like that. So here are four of the most important steps you need to take to properly secure your home.

Purchase a Home Security System

The best thing you can do to improve your home security is to invest in modern home security systems. If you are pretty handy around the house and are familiar with the different security technologies out there—such as alarm systems, security cameras, motion sensors and wireless alerts—then you might be able to set up some of these yourself. But for most homeowners, a better solution will be to go through a home security company that will install everything, monitor activity and alert the authorities in case of a situation.

Install Motion-Sensor Lights

Besides installing alarms and security cameras, one of the next most effective deterrents is motion-sensor flood lights around the exterior of your home. These are pretty easy to install yourself, as there are many battery-operated and solar-powered systems. Just make sure to buy really bright lights. There are some cheap ones out there, but they are so dim that they’re just not practical as security lights.

Reinforce Doors and Windows

Deterrents like lights, cameras and loud alarms are all good, but you will also need some physical measures in place. The best place to start here is by reinforcing your doors and windows. Use multiple deadbolts on all exterior doors. Kick plates and reinforced door hinges are also helpful for keeping aggressive intruders out. You can also get heavy-duty security screens for your windows and doors as an added layer of protection to deter intruders.

Install Gates and Fencing

Securing the perimeter around your property is one of the best investments you can make to protect your home. When robbers are scouting out homes to target, they want to go after homes with as few security measures as possible. They want easy targets. When they come to a home that has a gated driveway and a tall fence and wall all around the property, that is a major obstacle right there. Many would-be thieves will simply pass you by and check out the next house instead.

Protecting your home and family against bad guys is easier than ever before, and there are a lot of high-tech options for homeowners to guard their property. Start with one of the easier options on this list, such as installing some flood lights near your garage and front door, and then move on to the bigger projects as soon as your budget allows. You can never be too cautious when it comes to securing your home to ensure your safety.

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