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Different Ways Window Shutters can be Used on Your Windows

When going through the process of decorating your home, the most difficult aspect to get right is are the windows. A safe and common option is to go with curtains or more common window blinds with slats in. However, an issue with this is the fact that curtains can make your room look slightly boring and quite stuffy, and a problem with traditional blinds is that they can look quite plain and provide very little in the way of style. A great alternative to these are shutters! They are very versatile and can be used in a variety of different rooms, to see what the benefits of using them are take a read below:

Show off a Feature Window

A lot of older homes in particular have windows which have a great feature design which add some great character to the home. With the stunning design most of these windows offer, it certainly doesn’t make sense to have them covered up. Therefore, a great option can be have shutters which can be folded all the way back and allow the design to get the bulk of the attention and be the focal point of the room.

Block the Colours

One of the best things about shutters is that they can be painted to match with the décor which is already in place in the room. This can give you the opportunity to ‘block up’ with the colours already in the room. What this means is that you use the same primarily colour for all the décor in the room, but you use different shades – thus creating a block of colours. The colour you use is up to you but the best choice is often to go with allows you to have vibrant shades such as red, orange or blue.


When opting for shutters which have on large slab of detailed wood, you can create a beautiful vintage look in the room. These usually look best on bigger windows or patio doors and can look great when closed or folded back. When wanting to guarantee a classical look, it is typically best to paint these with a dark vanish and follow suite with a similar theme the rest of the décor.


Even though curtains can sometimes create a stuffy look, when used in conjunction with shutters – they can look extremely stylish. The key is to make sure you use shutters which are white or made from light wood and then team with curtains which have vibrant patterns. This will be sure to create a wonderful focal point around the window and can create a modern and unique window dressing.

Go Modern

The great thing about shutters is that they are very versatile, so not only can they look great as classical feature on patio doors, but they can also be made to look very modern too. Whether you have a swanky apartment or simply have a nice man cave with the latest gadgets, you can get shutters in such a way that they can perfectly dress the windows in a way traditional blinds or curtains wouldn’t be able to.

Create Shadows

Something which certainly can’t be offered by curtains or blinds is the ability they have to create beautiful shadows on the wall. Now, this isn’t the main thing they offer, but when the sun is shining into a room, it can add a wonderfully unique design feature to the room by creating great shadows on the wall.

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