Different Types of Log Splitters for Sale

Log splitter is an important tool for a person who uses wood to burn fire. The splitter generally chops the wood into smaller usable pieces for generating fire. There are various kinds of splitters available in the market which can be broadly categorized into three kinds – manual splitters, electric splitters and gas splitters.

  1. Manual Log Splitters: Manual splitters are light in weight and easy to store. There are basically two kinds of manual splitters one that are operated by feet and another operated by hands. Another way to distinguish the manual log splitters is the mechanism by which they are operated. Some work with human muscle power to pull the hydraulics and others rely on putting weight to operate them. They are preferable compared to manual task carried out if logs were to be split with an axe. They come handy for people who do not want to spend much money and occasionally require slitting the wood as it eases huge manual efforts. The manual log splitter for sale is a good opportunity to procure one easy log splitter.
  1. Electric log splitters: Electric log splitters are very popular splitters as they suit most of the requirements of the people. Electric splitters are powered by electricity whereas gas splitters by gas. This is the main difference between the two, though they operate in the same way. Electric splitters are also preferred as they are light and compact resulting to less storage space. As electricity is cheap and amply available, this makes them more popular choice than the gas splitters. Also, one can use these electric splitters inside or outside both with means of an electric outlet. If you do not want to spend a whole lot of money, you should seek for electric log splitter for sale.
  1. Gas Log Splitters: They are known for the power they display. They are mostly appropriate for commercial purposes. They can accept large diameter logs and cut them efficiently into smaller preconfigured sized pieces. Since they do not depend on any electric socket, they can be placed anywhere and operated. This makes them appropriate when it needs to be used in midst of a forest or outside where it’s difficult to find electricity as a source. Owning a gas splitter means high maintenance and gas cost. They are more expensive than electric and manual log splitters. However, it is a good idea to buy one from log splitter for sale if you are new to gas splitters.

Few Things to Consider before you buy a Log Splitter:

These are few points you must check upon before deciding to buy a log splitter –

  • What size of logs I would require splitting?
  • Where would I require splitting the logs?
  • How often will I be using the log splitter?
  • How long has been the log splitter manufacturer been in the industry.
  • How readily the components of the log splitter available in nearby market and how easy it is to store and maintain?
  • What kind of motor size would one require?

There are few more kinds of splitters available in market such as slide hammer splitters, kinetic splitters and large hydraulic splitters. These splitters are either too manual or too heavy to be considered for common person use. The hydraulic splitters are also way too expensive. The usual splitters would come in a range of three hundred to five hundred dollars which makes them quite affordable.

Anyways one can also buy these log splitters for sale or buy a second-hand log splitter to do the job. These days due to fast moving market new models of log splitters pop up immediately in the market which makes old one redundant as no one wants to buy an older version when it comes to paying the full price. Hence the manufacturers put these out of season log splitters on sale. They are on sale does not mean they are less worthy or will not perform up to the mark.  


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