Different Types of Catering Services you need

Catering is something that completes all kinds of events. Whether it is a wedding, birthday or a corporate event, a good catering basically aims to provide the guests with good food and services that leave them with a sense of happiness and satisfaction.

Catering services are equipped to take care of the food requirements of a large number of people. As food is all about satisfying the appetite of the guests, the services offered by the cater should be of high quality. However, although catering services were once restricted to birthdays, weddings and informal get together, they have now found their way into company events and the like.

Here are a few different types of catering services that you should be aware about –

  • Wedding Services Catering – Catering services for a wedding reception can never go out of demand. Supplying an array of delicacies for guests at a wedding reception is still the most satisfying thing to do for most caterers. A wedding is the most important day, not only for the groom and bride, but also for their near and dear ones. Catering services leave no stone unturned to make the most of the day special for the family as well as the guests. Not only do they focus on the food, but also on the décor. Guests leaving venue with a satisfied appetite and words of praise is all what the catering services is all about.
  • Cocktail reception – Today, a reception plays a huge role while celebrating a wedding. Cocktail receptions have become a rage and here the catering services are required to offer a different flavor in terms of drinks. The focus, however, here is on the drinks, finger food and munch on is always appreciated as complement with the drinks.
  • Bento catering – The term might be alien to many, but this variety of catering is most common in workshops, exhibitions, launches. Here, a packed-meal consisting of an appetizer, main course and a dessert is packed in a box-shaped container and served. This new way of serving guests is widely being acknowledged by the catering services as it is convenient for both the catering services and also the guests. The guests can leave the any time with the food container and catering services also save on servings.
  • Buffet catering – This is the most common form of catering in the present times. Here, a wide array of dishes is displayed and the guests are required to serve themselves. In this way, the guests get the liberty to choose the food of their choice and in return, it reduces wastage. Catering services also prefer buffet as they do not have to worry on employing staff for serving guests.
  • Sit-down catering – This is a more refined and elegant way of serving food to the guests. In this system, the catering service staff serves the guests while they remain seated comfortably in their seats. This system is a little expensive, as more staff is required to serve the guests. Today, most people prefer the buffet system. However, for a gathering of the rich, influential and dignitaries, sit-down catering is the best choice.
  • Petite takeaway buffet catering – This kind of catering involves delivery of food to the customers in the comfort of their homes. This catering service is especially helpful for working professional and students. As people are running against time, this type of catering allows them to enjoy a goof meal of their choice in the comfort of their homes.


These are a few types of catering services that you can avail depending on your needs. Always opt for reputable catering companies who not only offer an array of delicacies to choose for, but also guarantee to impress your guests with amazing décor and ambience to suit your requirements.

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